BBA Tourism & Hospitality Management- Opening Doors to Innumerable Opportunities

BBA Tourism & Hospitality Management- Opening Doors to Innumerable Opportunities
BBA Tourism & Hospitality Management- Opening Doors to Innumerable Opportunities

With the fast-pacing world, the Tourism and Hospitality sector has taken the world by a storm. The mere fact of creative and innovative career options comes up with an assurance that this industry has a long way to go. Also, with umpteen numbers of industries popping from every nook and corner of the world, BBA in tourism and hospitality management is opening doors to innumerable opportunities.

Contrary to being only a never-ending vacation, Tourism and Hospitality Management is also a highly competitive field. Looking at the growth of this industry, many reputed and recognized universities like UPES offer a Bachelor’s degree in Tourism Management Course.

One can directly enroll themselves after completing their intermediate course irrespective on the stream that they choose during school. However, the eligibility criteria can be different from one institution to another depending upon their change of guidelines from time to time.

BBA Tourism & Hospitality Management- Opening Doors to Innumerable Opportunities
BBA Tourism & Hospitality Management- Opening Doors to Innumerable Opportunities

Let’s look at the most promising opportunities to explore after a Tourism & Hospitality Management Course:

  1. Events & Sports Management

Yearn to travel, and have a soft corner for sports? Then this career prospect will be your ticket to success. The events & sports industry has many opportunities for students from the hospitality and tourism management course. As Zamperetti says, “This is an area which was previously relegated to the jocks who couldn’t make the big leagues but is now pursued by career-oriented individuals.”

Employers for this prospect are usually from a sports background. Companies like sports sponsors (Nike), sports management organizations (GroupM, Rhiti Sports, IMG), major league teams, and so forth fall into this growing industry. Furthermore, this industry opens avenues for excellent career options where a professional can go for job roles like travel director/coordinator, event manager, tournament director, sports-info director and the list goes on and on.

  1. Health Care Industry

Health care is an evergreen industry which will continue to grow in the coming years. The demand for hospitality management professionals for this industry is going to stay, and the health care industry will be among the frontrunners that will have tremendous growth in the future.

Professionals from the hospitality industry are responsible for the “behind the scenes” of the health care industry. The wide range of career prospects includes Finance, Food & Beverage, Marketing, HR, and other auxiliary services. Management students get the opportunity for running the day to day operational decisions for whichever department they are in – i.e. Food and Beverage, Operations, Human Resources, Guest Relation, and security.

  1. Gaming Service Industry

The gaming industry is the next big thing in the world that has come up in recent years, and its popularity is only expected to rise. To swim with the sharks of the gaming industry, one needs to have sharp communication and managemental skills.

There are multiple roles for professionals from the Hospitality and Tourism Management Course, like a Pit Boss, operations manager, slot machine attendant, a dealer, and so forth. In today’s interconnected world, we see that there are gaming lounges where players rest, which also skyrockets opportunities in food and beverage zones of the gaming service industry. So, a tourism and hospitality graduate is sure to have a promising and fulfilling career in this industry.

  1. Wedding Coordination/ Management

With a management course in hospitality and tourism, one can also think of pursuing a career as a wedding coordinator. This includes working with a wedding planner and giving guidance to clients from scratch.

The hospitality and tourism management course allow professionals to equip themselves with all the skills that are required for the wedding management industry. In this, an individual must work closely with the clients. Starting from the travel arrangement to arranging everything else for the bride and groom, it can be a taxing job that requires good managerial skills.  Along with excellent management skills, one must also adhere to good aesthetic sense since this kind of job role will always keep you on edge.

BBA in Tourism and Hospitality Management is undoubtedly one of the most rewarding career options and has come a long way in recent times. So, if these options sound like something you can look forward to, get hopping on your career homework. The glamorous world of tourism and hospitality sector awaits you!

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