Google Plans to Re-Enter in China

Google, the world largest search engine is in conversation with authorities from China to begin an online shop consisting apps for smartphones build on Android OS.

If the Chinese authorities and smartphone makers agree to it, then it will mark the return of Google in China after 5 years. Google shifted its search results from China to Google after a cyberattack whose target was Gmail users.

Google Plans to Re-Enter in China

Service like Gmail is blocked in China since then.

Android is another service by Google which can be used by any smartphone developer for free and the same service is available in China too.

Xiaomi, a smartphone manufacturer from China customize the Android, which is somehow their own version of Android and Baidu, the biggest search engine of China run app stores that don’t share revenue with Google.

To find a solution to this, the Google Play Online Shop for digital content, pre-installed on smartphones powered by a licensed version of Android will work and moreover, it will be approved by govt. of China.

It’s been more than one year since Google is working on this project and hoped to start the China app shop by the last quarter of 2015, according to sources.

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