Excel in Your Microsoft 70-347 Exam with Practice Tests

Excel in Your Microsoft 70-347 Exam with Practice Tests
Excel in Your Microsoft 70-347 Exam with Practice Tests

Are you looking for a job in IT, finding it tough to get something at all, or you don’t know what career path to choose? These are some problems that many people entering the field of IT may face. The IT sector is indeed expanding rapidly, and there are more and more job opportunities being offered at the moment.

What’s more, it’s not that easy to become employed in the IT- sphere because of the high career competition. Almost every IT specialist has the basic qualifications to enter the field to get a good and well-paid job, you need to have more specialized qualifications in the form of some prestigious credentials that can equip you with relevant skills and knowledge and give you the opportunity to grow your career in IT.

One of the assessments that we should pay our close attention to is the Microsoft 70-347 test that grants you the desired the MCSA (Visit this resource) : Windows Server 2012 certification.

Excel in Your Microsoft 70-347 Exam with Practice Tests
Excel in Your Microsoft 70-347 Exam with Practice Tests

What Is the MCSA: Windows Server 2012?

To start things off, the MCSA: Windows Server 2012 is a badge offered by Microsoft for candidates who possess the foundational skills in IT and want to broaden their qualification horizons. By getting this credential, you can expand your career prospects and take the first step on your way to becoming a Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE).

But to do all this and gain the MCSA: Windows Server 2012 above all, you are required to pass a series of three exams, which are Installing and Configuring Windows Server 2012 (70-347), Administering Windows Server 2012 (70-411), Configuring Advanced Windows Server 2012 (70-412).

As our main topic is related to the Microsoft 70-347 test, let’s get an insight into it.

Microsoft 70-347 Exam Overview

The Microsoft 70-347 assessment verifies your competence in implementing and configuring Windows Server 2012 core services, so the topics that will be tested in this exam are:

  • Server installment and configuration
  • Server role and feature configuration
  • Hyper-V configuration
  • Core network service deployment and configuration
  • Active Directory installment and administration
  • Group Policy creation and management

To take the test you have to pay the fee of $165. And what concerns the characteristics of the assessment, generally within 120 minutes you have to answer from 40 to 60 questions, which can be of various types every time.

As Microsoft exam questions are known to be tough, you will have to prepare well for the assessment. Continue reading to discover some resources and tips you can use to ace 70-347 exam.

How to Prepare for 70-347 Exam?

It’s common knowledge that your success in passing a test depends on how much effort you put in it and what study materials you use. You can prepare for 70-347 exam by following Microsoft methods, including instructor-led courses, free online training, Microsoft Press expert-written books or the official practice test, among the rest.

Or else you can rely on some other trustworthy exam prep resources such as Prepaway. For 70-347 assessment, this website offers free reliable exam dumps shared by the recent exam-takers and the paid Premium bundle which contains updated questions and answers verified by experts, a training course of lectures and a study guide.


You can acquire this Premium package just for $39.97, which can be a real bargain! But we are drawing your attention to the fact that all of the items from the provider are opened in the vce format, for which you had better download the VCE Exam Simulator which was designed by Avanset team.

The VCE Player simulates the real exam environment, equipping you with the necessary skills to tackle the actual test. As far as you can see, Prepaway is one of the best sources to update your skills and launch your exam prep.

Anyway, after acquiring several practice tests, you may want to get the gist of how to deal with them. Here are a few tips you can stick to while doing practice tests:

  • Manage your time
    You must always time every exam dump you do. This way, you can find out whether you take too much time answering questions and if so you can work on your time management.
  • Analyze practice test questions
    You might not have enough time to analyze and answer the questions in the actual exam. So, you can use practice test questions to analyze and try to find the patterns. This makes you familiar with the format and will boost your confidence in yourself in the actual exam.
  • Check your scores
    Always crosscheck your answers. By checking them, you can see what your level is and in what areas you have to improve. Exam dumps from Prepaway come with answers as well, so it makes the process easier.
  • Revise what you have learned
    Once you've done a set of questions, make sure you review them after some time. This helps you solidify your knowledge and check whether you've learned from your mistakes.

So, we hope these tips will help you work hard on preparing for your 70-347 assessment.

Jobs You Can Get with the MCSA: Windows Server 2012 Certification

Well, what are your possible job roles with the MCSA: Windows Server 2012 badge on your CV list? Some vacancies that require this MCSA certification are a Windows Server Administrator ($83,330), Senior Systems Administrator ($81,988), Web Administrator ($55,043), Network Administrator ($63,043), System Engineer ($79,455), Computer Network Specialist ($56,107).

The average salaries mentioned in brackets are loosely based on information from the PayScale.com. As you can see, with the combination of more certifications, you will be able to extend your career prospects even further.


Hope that after reading this article, you understand that it’s worth sitting for the Microsoft 70-347 test and earning the MCSA badge in Windows Server 2012. Having done that will help you boost your IT career and bring such benefits as more job opportunities and much higher salaries.

All you have to do is to grab the opportunity to prepare for the exam with the best study materials from Prepaway. Use free or paid updated practice tests to master your skills and excel in 70-347 exam.

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