Prepaway – Top Exam Room Tricks to Apply While Doing Cisco 300-115 Exam

Prepaway - Top Exam Room Tricks to Apply While Doing Cisco 300-115 Exam
Prepaway - Top Exam Room Tricks to Apply While Doing Cisco 300-115 Exam

Cisco IP Switched Networks is an important field that networking professionals should be conversant with.  exam has been designed by Cisco corporation to get the CCNP R&S certification. It should be noted, that 300-115 test is one of the three exams (300-101 and 300-135) that candidates should sit for to become CCNP R&S certified.

Still, in this article, we’ll discuss 300-115 test which has been created to certify professionals with the ultimate skills in configuring, planning, and verifying the implementation of advanced switching solutions. In addition, it validates the professionals’ knowledge in integrating VLANs and WLANs network.

Prepaway - Top Exam Room Tricks to Apply While Doing Cisco 300-115 Exam
Prepaway – Top Exam Room Tricks to Apply While Doing Cisco 300-115 Exam


In order to assess the professionals’ competency in switching technologies, there are a number of topics that the Prepaway certification exam tests. The following are the key distinct topics that every candidate must understand before getting into the exam setup.

  • Layer 2 Technologies
  • Infrastructure Services
  • Infrastructure Security

These topics are exclusively covered in a closed-book proctored the Cisco 300-115 exam that has 30-40 multiple choice questions. Besides, this exam is available in English as well as Japanese and all candidates are expected to complete it within 2 hours.

What I am about to share with you are the ultimate tricks that you should apply while doing the Cisco 300-115 exam. The way you conduct yourself during or before the exam always matters a lot.

Before Cisco 300-115 exam

  1. Eat well

A balanced breakfast is always the best for candidates preparing for the Cisco 300-115 exam. It will sustain your energy and you will not get hungry that easily. Come to think of carbohydrates (low GI) and protein that will provide you with energy slowly and for longer hours. As you prepare for the exam, have a bottle of water for refreshment.

  1. Dress accordingly

You should always wear clothes that make you feel you are ordinarily comfortable. What you have to avoid is clothes that make noise whenever you move, it will totally take your attention and concentration.

  1. Carry everything you will need

In case you are going to use a scientific calculator in the exam, then you are not supposed to forget it. Taking the exam without the necessary equipment will surely inconvenience you and you can easily fail to answer some of the questions that need the use of that equipment. Besides, in such case, you won’t be allowed to borrow it from other candidates at the exam. It may happen, that you will not be allowed to do an exam!

  1. Think positively

There is power in positive thinking. Remember it is our brain that drives all our body organs, it passes communications that sometimes include actions. Therefore, if you think you will fail, then you will surely do it because your way thinking is your positive or negative attitude which leads you to either your failure or success. So, think positively!

  1. Be well-prepared

Cisco exams are not easy, that’s why preparation should be systematic and well-organized. Start the preparation process in advance. Visit the Cisco website first and get the prep materials there: from books to training courses. After that, use the additional resource. One of the most trusted is PrepAway website. It offers a unique collection of the most updated exam dumps. 300-115 dumps have been checked and verified by IT experts. The dumps can be opened on the ETE Exam Simulator – a great tool to revise the learned material, track your results and improve them. Before taking the exam, be confident in your knowledge and your results.

During Cisco 300-115 exam

Read the questions thoroughly

To tackle any question, it is necessary to read each 300-115 exam question thoroughly. It will help you to know the instructions of every question and understand its structure. Therefore, you will be aware of what every question requires you to do.

Use your time wisely

Time is a very important factor to consider as you are doing the Cisco 300-115 exam. Many candidates fail to answer all the questions because time caught up with them. If you have 30 questions to be done within 2-hours, then it should take you an average of 3-4 minutes to complete one question. Manage your time well, for that before taking the 300-115 exam, use the ETE Exam Simulator as it contains time setting option.

Decide the order of answering the questions

The best technique to tackle the exam questions is to start with the easy to difficult ones. That works the same with 300-115 exam. Doing so, you’ll save your time and spend it on more difficult questions.

Prep-plan your answers

Writing answers in an unplanned way can cost you much time and you can sometimes fail to write constructive sentences. If you plan your answers well, then you will be able to formulate your thoughts concisely and precisely.

Write something for every question

Leaving blank spaces where you are supposed to provide answers is a bad practice. It is very important to write something that relates to the question that you are tackling even when you are not so sure. The same scheme refers to 300-115 exam. Make sure that have attempted all the Cisco 300-115 exam questions, otherwise, you’ll lose some points, which can be crucial for your exam result.

Job Opportunities

  • Server Manager
  • Network Administrator
  • Network Technician


The world is waiting for you to provide scalable mechanisms that ease the way of living. Get started today and take the Cisco 300-115 exam to ace your career because it provides you with advanced knowledge that is significant for IT professionals. Always remember that the skills learned are not only applicable for passing the Cisco 300-115 exam but also for solving the real world problems. Be CCNP R&S certified and enjoy the benefits that life brings you. For that focus on your exam preparation.

All the best!

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