Anil Kapoor’s 24 6th August 2016: Will Jai Live or Die?

24 Season 2 21st August 2016
24 Season 2 21st August 2016

24 6th August 2016: Jai blackmailed Joshi and asked him to help in freeing Roshan else he would kill Rahul. Joshi called him a traitor and said that he would not help. Jai showed Rahul’s photo to him and threatened him. Joshi then agreed to be in Jai’s plan. Joshi then allowed his entry in the Jail. (check: 24 Last Episode.)

Shivani thought why Jai was in Pune Jail as he had no authority to be there and felt that something was wrong. She asked Gyan to tell Jail officials that he was not from ATU. She was worried as Kush was not caught yet and he was the virus carrier.

24 6th August 2016

Kush asked Chang to leave Mitali. Chang laughed and said you both would die soon as he had injected the virus into him. Kush and Mitalli were shocked and got anxious.

Gyan informed Jai that Joshi knew their plan. Jai asked him to calm down as he was the only one who included him. He told him that he would block all the phone call in that area. Jai asked Joshi to handle Shinde.

Gyan called Harron and asked him about Kush as he might help them, but Haroon asked him to focus on freeing Roshan as he would manage everything else.

Shinde told Jai that Roshan was not needed to be displaced. But Jai insisted and said that it was for the security reasons. Shinde agreed. The transformer burst and all cameras stopped working, but prisoners were stuck in the fire.

24 6th August 2016

Constables asked Joshi as they should open the gates or not else the prisoners would die. He ordered him to open the gate. The prisoners became unmanageable and thought that it was the only chance to free them self. They started beating constables.

Jai freed Roshan, but they both were caught in between the group of prisoners who started beating them. Shivani came to know the van number in which Kush was taken. Code red was alerted in the prison and prisoners were asked to cooperate else they would be shot dead.

Chang told Kush that Mitali would also catch the virus in some time. Kash apologized to Mitalli and said that he did not know that he would be in that much trouble in making money. Jai and Roshan dressed as guards, but prisoners thought they were true guards and asked them to play the game else they would be shot dead.

24 6th August 2016

Jai tried to explain to them that they were not the police person, but they did not listen to them. Prisoners kept two guns, and each carried one bullet.

The game was that they would put the gun on the head, and the luck depends on who got the bullet shot in his head. Shankar and Jai were given the guns. Both shot but Jai remained alive, and Shankar died. Roshan and Jai left in the game.

Roshan shot the gun but was safe. Jai put the gun on his head. He shot at his forehead.

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