Anil Kapoor’s 24 Season 2 13th August 2016: Roshan Started Beating Jai

24 Season 2 21st August 2016
24 Season 2 21st August 2016

24 Season 2 13th August 2016: The police did not check the truck in which Jai and Roshan were. Jai asked Joshi to go and also told him that his son was okay. Inder called the police station and asked them to trace the car in which Kiran and Milli were. (check: 24 Last Episode.)

He said that Kiran kidnapped his 6-year-old daughter. Naina got shocked to know that Roshan got out of Pune Central Jail. Joshi got the lift from some car and also made a phone call to Commissioner asking him to reach his son and also gave them the car details in which Roshan and Jai escaped.


24 Season 2 13th August 2016

Shivani got to know that Jai blackmailed Joshi and said to Aditya. Aditya thought that Jai might be helpless too else he would not have helped in freeing Roshan. Shivani said that she too thinks that Jai would never cheat on his own country.

Police and RAF were checking all the cars at the check post. Jai and Roshan acted like a dead body when they saw police but they got up, and suddenly Roshan started laughing loudly.

Kiran made Milli admitted in the hospital. Doctor told her that Milli was okay. The checking was very high, and Jai and Roshan had no way to escape. Jai and Roshan were about to reach the check post. Jai thought to get in the ambulance. But police noticed them and started shooting at the ambulance. They went out of the tunnel and changed their way.

24 Season 2 13th August 2016

Jai and Roshan reached the jungle and asked Gyan to inform Haroon to reach there as they could not reach him. Gyan asked them to come to the bus station which was 100 meters away. Gyan told him that haroon wanted proof that Roshan was live. Jai got a picture with Roshan and sent to Gyan.

They saw a truck and stopped it. They met the Haroon men. They got inside the truck. Roshan took Jai’s gun and phone away.

Kiran heard the nurse telling the doctor that Milli was kidnapped. She hid behind the door.

Prithvi told Aditya that he thought that Naina was right as they could not save party’s image from the country. But Aditya asked him to relax and coordinate with everyone, and they would work out fine. Shivani came there. Aditya said that she was not part of that meeting, but Prithvi asked him to calm down as he would explain to him what he was doing.

24 Season 2 13th August 2016

Roshan was happy being freed up but still could not believe that Jai freed him. He did not believe that Jai changed. But Jai said that he was doing all that for money. Roshan said he wanted to kill Jai as he was only danger to them. He started beating Jai.

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