Anil Kapoor’s 24 Season 2 14th August 2016: Atu Gets To Know That Gyan Is Helping Jai

24 Season 2 21st August 2016
24 Season 2 21st August 2016

24 Season 2 14th August 2016: Zakaria tried to convince Aditya that Shivani had fallen weak because she had affection for Jai. But Prithvi asked him not to doubt Shivani’s talent. But Aditya thought that someone else was helping Jai from ATU.  (check: 24 Last Episode.)

They appointed Shivani’s divorced husband who also had good knowledge of all that. She agreed that Siddharth would be her assistant. Siddharth came there along with Jai’s son veer. Kiran was trying to contact veer, but she could not connect.

24 Season 2 14th August 2016

Siddharth asked Gyan about his father’s health and asked him to get a list of all officers trained or close to Jai. He told that veer hated his father a lot and hence we would be of great help. Siddharth saw his son Kabir’s picture that Shivani rose alone and put the photo frame down. Mihir found Siddharth really rude.

Haroon was calling Gyan, but he was not picking up the call. He was glad that Roshan was freed up. Haroon’s men told Roshan that Haroon wanted Jai alive.

Gyan talked to veer and asked if he was okay. Veer said he was not a kid anymore and was an officer and stated that he knew his duty very well and did not need anyone’s support.

24 Season 2 14th August 2016

Haroon talked to Roshan and asked him about Jai. Haroon told that he wanted to kill Jai, but Haroon said he might kill him once Jai helped them to get out of that country. Maya heard him. Haroon came to Maya and told him that Roshan would kill Jai. She laughed, but she was worried for Jai.

Shivani was trying to manage her best working with Siddharth.

In Jai’s call log, Kiran was also known as Jai. Siddharth told veer that he wanted to speak to her. Kiran saw police and hide. Veer thought to go to Kiran as he did not where she was.

Inspector informed Inder about Mili. He left his home to get Mili back.

Kiran wore the doctor’s coat so that police did not recognize her. Mihir asked Gyan about Zaara. Gyan said he did not know. Kush’s parents met him, but he started crying and asked them to go. Veer and raj were on their way to meet Kiran.

Maya told her father that she loved Jai and asked him to make a plan to help her in running away else Haroon would kill him.

Mihir saw Zaara in the server room tied and unconscious. He helped her and asked as who did that. She asked him to inform Shivani that Gyan was helping Jai. Gyan tied her. Gyan was trying to escape, but Siddharth caught him and asked him to stop.

24 Season 2 14th August 2016

Haroon asked Maya to get ready, and they left to get Roshan. Roshan was trying to cut Jai’s finger, but Jai resisted and got into the fight with him.

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