Anil Kapoor’s 24 Season 2 20th August 2016: Shivani, Vedant, Gyan From ATU Were Involved With Jai

24 Season 2 21st August 2016
24 Season 2 21st August 2016

24 Season 2 20th August 2016: Officer slapped Gyan and asked who else was involved with Jai from ATU. He asked Gyan to break his silence and tell them where Jai and Roshan were, but Gyan kept quiet. (check: 24 Last Episode.)

They slapped and tortured Gyan and asked him to speak up and tell where Haroon was hiding. Gyan got a call on his phone from Haroon. It was put on the loudspeaker. Haroon asked if ATU got to know about their plan. Gyan denied and ended the call.


24 Season 2 20th August 2016

Naina got to know that Devyaani was sent to drug rehabilitation, but all records were cleared by her father. Also, Devyaani got caught in the drug raid when she was 17 years old. Naina said that Devyaani had an innocent face but had a lot of dirt.

Vedant went to Zara and Mihir and asked about Gyan. Mihir told him that Siddharth was interrogating him. Vedant called Shivani and asked her to come fast as everything went wrong.

Shivani came to Siddharth and argued to leave Gyan as he could not do wrong for ATU. They argued but finally Siddharth gave her 5 minutes to talk to him. Shivani took Gyan and Vedant.

Raj and Veer called Kiran, but Sarah picked that call and asked them to help her. They were worried for Kiran.

24 Season 2 20th August 2016

Jai sent some signal to Gyan. Gyan told everyone that Jai had reached Haroon. Siddharth was trying to give a painful injection to Gyan, but Shivani stopped him and said it was their mission. She stated that they got succeeded in their first step.

Siddharth was shocked. Shivani said she had to inform that to PM. Siddharth asked who other was involved. She told him that from ATU it was her, Gyan, Vedant, and Jai and from outside CBI, PM helped them. Siddharth left with his team when Shivani told him that they were working for many months on this project.

Shivani told Aditya and Prithvi about the mission. They all got shocked and scolded them. They further said that strict inquiry would sit after their mission got completed.

24 Season 2 20th August 2016

Shivani justified that she did that just to save her country from the virus and did not cheat on their country. She then told them everything they did for the plan to get executed. Siddharth was asked to work with ATU team.

Haroon and Roshan talked. Shivani traced Jai’s location. Jai sent a video message for Aditya and apologized him for keeping the mission secret.

Veer and Raj took Sarah to the hospital and got to know that Inder and Mili and Kiran were in Margaret Hospital. They then went to the hospital.

Jai reached Haroon’s place. Maya saw Jai and wanted to tell him that they would kill him.

24 Season 2 20th August 2016

Inder met Mili and saw Kiran with her hiding from the police. Khosla sent a mail to all senior officers about Devyaani’s past. Haroon and Roshan talked about their contract of Rs. 500 crores to spread the virus.

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