Anil Kapoor’s 24 Season 2 Episode 2 24th July 2016: Jai Makes Roshan Run Away

24 Season 2 21st August 2016
24 Season 2 21st August 2016

24 Season 2 Episode 2 24th July 2016: Jai tried to tell Roshan that it was not his plan to escape him as it was Haroon’s plan and he had sent Jai there but Roshan laughed, and Haroon is foolish, and he could not make him stupid too. (check: 24 S2E1.)

Jai said that you had to decide whether you wanted to get up freed or hanged and left from there. Aditya’s mom Naina came there to meet Aditya, but she did not know where he was when she was on her way to meet him.

24 Season 2 Episode 2

Gyan tracked Haroon’s number. He told that Roshan would be out of Jail in one hour. Haroon smirked and said that his plan would be executed very soon. Omkar told Maya that Haroon could kill anyone. Maya stated that he was an animal.

He told her that Haroon had planned something big, and they might leave the country that day. Maya tried to call Jai, but he did not pick up the call. Aditya meet Naina and his friend Prithvi. They both greeted her.

Aditya said that he was really busy, but they could talk then, and Prithvi left from there. She told him that one day Prithvi would stab his back. He asked her not to dare to say that again, but she replied that she cared for him and Divya. He asked her not to, but she told him to help Divya get out of Jail as he had powers with him.

24 Season 2 24th July 2016

He said that he would do the suitable and hugged her and left from there. Muzaffar asked commissioner as when they should come to see Roshan’s death. Commissioner scolded the prisoners and asked Jai to come. He told that all terrorist had got together.


Shivani got the terrorist’s link. Vedant identified the body and gave the details. Jai said to the commissioner that he would be leaving in an hour.

Jai called Maya and asked where Haroon was. She stated that he was not there and indicated that he had a big plan and asked him if he remembered his promise. He said that he would free her, and he remembered his promise and asked Maya to do some of his work.

24 Season 2 Episode 2 24th July 2016

Haroon came there and asked Maya as what she was doing. She escaped saying that Jai wanted to talk to him. He asked Jai if he met Roshan. Jai said yes.

Shivani told Jai that they had to do as stated by Haroon else Mumbai would be destroyed. She asked as when Roshan was getting up freed. Jai got a call to shift Roshan. He took his way and tried to make Roshan run away.

Jai rushed to stop Muzaffar and found the remote and defused it. He left from there and informed Gyan that everything was under control and asked him to inform Haroon too. Gyan informed him and then switched to his workplace.

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