7/27 Tracklist: Fifth Harmony Revealed Their Upcoming Album 727

7/27 Tracklist
7/27 Tracklist

7/27 Tracklist: Fifth Harmony has revealed a part of its upcoming album. The group is going to release the whole album at the end of the next month. So, taking the opportunity and to lure the audience and fans, they released some photos and some songs. (check: Is Sara Ramirez leaving Grey’s Anatomy?)

Earlier, the girls were to release the album on May 20. But, then the release date of 7/27 was postponed, and now it is slated to release on May 27. They may have rescheduled the date to make it more significant with the album name. Ariana Grande is also releasing hers on the same day. (check: Baaghi review.)


7/27 Tracklist

The girls introduced the fans to their album by sharing some photos on their Instagram account. Each photo which they shared on their account represented a different track on it and also explained some facts related to it. (check: Billboard Latin Music Awards.)

Below is the full list of 7/27 tracklist.

Camila said that track number four ‘Write on Me’ is her favorite lyrical song.

The tracklisting is as follows:

1. That’s My Girl
2. Work From Home
3. The Life
4. Write on Me
5. I Lied
6. All In My Head (Flex)

We will update the tracklist of the upcoming Fifth Harmony album as soon as the new tracks are revealed.

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