AbbayiTho Ammayi Movie Review and Rating: Below Average Film of Naga Shourya and Palak Lalwani

Abbayi Tho Ammayi 2nd Day/Saturday Box Office Collection 2 Days Report
Abbayi Tho Ammayi 2nd Day/Saturday Box Office Collection 2 Days Report

AbbayiTho Ammayi Movie Review Rating: 2/5. Read out the complete review of the latest Telugu film starring Naga Shourya and Palak Lalwani in lead roles. Then decided if you would like to watch it or not. (share: New Year quotes.)


Abbayi Tho Ammayi is the story of Abhi (Naga Shourya) who is a student and dreams of falling in love with a girl who understands him. He has a close relation with his father and his father guides him in everything because of which Abhi shares and reveals everything with his dad. (read: Nenu Sailaja Review.)

He gets attracted to Prarthana (Palak Lalwani) who falls for him too. Things change suddenly when Abhi and Prarthana cross their limits and when their parents come to know about it. The rest of the movie is how Abhi convinces and proves it his love. Watch the film to know about the rest.

AbbayiTho Ammayi Movie Review


The first half of the movie has been slow but decent throughout. The entertainment and the songs take the major lead but most of the episodes do not look natural. The father and son relationship has not been convincing and many of the emotional episodes have been seen in the past films. On the whole, the complete first half has been ok. (also: Happy New Year 2016 Greetings.)

The second half of AbbayiTho Ammayi has been completely different with a huge dose of emotional episodes. The director has been completely confused in narrating the plot during the second half of Abbayi Tho Ammayi. The pre-climax episodes bring interest but the climax which has been most important has not been gripping and convincing. On the whole, Abbayi Tho Ammayi fails to reveal the selected plot.

Abbayitho Ammayi Movie Review Rating


Naga Shourya has been stupendous on screen and he excelled with the character Abhi. He did the character of Abhi with ease and is the major highlight of the film. Palak Lalwani will sure make it big in Tollywood. She has a stupendous screen presence and her performance during the emotional episodes has been top notch. Rao Ramesh is the other highlight of the film and he has been entertaining as an angry dad. All the other actors have been decent with their assignments.

The story of the movie has nothing much to reveal as it has been discussed many times in the past. The screenplay has not been gripping and engaging. The dialogues have been just ok. The music and the background score have been decent. The cinematography is the major highlight of Abbayi Tho Ammayi and every rupee spent has been presented well. The production values have been grand enough and Ramesh Varma could not bring out the needed emotion well.

AbbayiTho Ammayi Rating


Final Word:

The flick fails to carry the much-needed emotion at the right time which makes the film below average. Naga Shourya and Palak have been decent with their assignments.

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