Accel World Season 2: Release Rumors, Story, Speculations and Updates

accel world season 2 release date, cast, characters, plot, rumors, news, updates, spoilers
accel world season 2 release date, cast, characters, plot, rumors, news, updates, spoilers

Accel World Season 2: Written by Reki Kawahara, light novel Accel World was published by ASCII Media under the Dengeki Bunko print and was released in February 2009. The popularity of this Novel forced Sunrise to make Anime Series.

Accel World Season 2 News & Updates

It came out in Japan in the period between April and September 2012. It was made under the direction of Masakazu Obara and the screenplay was written by My-HiME fame Hiroyuki Yoshino. Viz Media’s Neon Alley also adopted the English Version of the series and started streaming it from April 2013.

It has been almost 5 years since the last episode was aired on September 27, 2013, and from then fans were eagerly waiting for the next part of the AccelWorld. And now Sunrise has come up with the inevitable Season 2 of Accel world.

Accel World: Background and Story

The story is totally based on the Award-winning Novel of Kawahara of the same name. Kawahara has written and successfully published the 19 volumes of the novel till date and English version of the novel are still under process. American Publishers viz Yen Press have the responsibility of releasing the novel in the English version and the last volume of the novel was released in March 2016.

There are total 8 volumes in the English version of the novel. Critics have also praised this beautiful Novel by Reki Kawahara but more than that its anime series was appreciated by the critics.

However, this series had also confronted with the criticism due to its weak climax and lack of insight about virtual reality but still, it made the place in the heart of the fans for its strong storyline and relatable characters.

accel world season 2 release date, cast, characters, plot, rumors, news, updates, spoilers
Accel World season 2 release date, cast, characters, plot, rumors, news, updates, spoilers

The story of the first 4 volumes has been used in the anime series and according to which this story has set in 2046. The futuristic storyline of the series has allowed the director to show the new technology into the world of virtual reality.


This series focused on a young and fat boy named Haruyuki Arita who is bullied at his school. Due to this mental stress, he faced in school, he loses self-confidence and suffered from the serious issues of self-esteem. But he is the unbeatable player of the squash in his schools but one day his score was broken by the most famous girl in the school named Kuroyukihime.

She tells Haru about the virtual role-playing game viz. Brain Burst which takes the players into the virtual platform and also increases the activities of a brain to infinity. The games of the Brain Burst fight with each other to get points which they redeemed for acceleration points.

Kuroyukihime help Haru to get over that bullies from school and now in return, Haru has decided to help her to conquer coveted Level 10 of Brain Burst as he has the virtual identity of Silver Crow.

There is a twist in a game, if the player failed to score anything then the game is erased but with every achievement, the player is rewarded with the added experiences, new powers and opportunities.

Accel World Season 2 Release Date

The first 24 episodes of the series have used only four volumes of the novel which left series unfinished. There were many questions which remained unanswered in Season 1 and fans were eagerly waiting for the Season 2 to get those question answered.

Fans were surprised to see that Haruyuki and Kuroyukihime’s virtual adventures will turn out. There was lots of content available for the season 2 as there are 22 volumes are written and published till date and season 1 has used only volume 1-4 and 10.

We have to say that the director has cleverly extracted the season 2 from the remaining volumes which were greatly appreciated by the fans as well as critic. As we know that in 2014, Reki Kawahara has already hinted that they are looking forward to seeing season 2, so it was confirmed that season 2 will come.

Producer of the series was interested in the same but due to some other commitment by Sunrise, they gradually postponed Accel World Season 2. By this time sunrise has come up with the anime movie based on the series viz. Accel World: Infinite Burst in July 2016.

July 2018 Update: In 2019, Accel World is turning 10 years. So, we may get to hear some surprise annoucement regarding the installment. There is enough manga material left to be adapted into the anime. Overall, AW has been a successful anime considering the cash it generated.

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