Agents of SHIELD Season 4 Premiere (Release) Date: Is It The Finale Season?

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Agents of SHIELD Season 4 Premiere/Release Date, Spoilers, Promo, Trailer, Air Date, Updates: Tonight marks the end of the third installment of the AoS. The final episodes of season 3 had all the important and interesting elements which made it big. However, one significant character dies. (watch: The Sims 4 trailer.)

Now, the question which strikes us is “When will season 4 return with all new episodes?” The simple answer to this simple and most awaited question is that it will air late September or early October on Tuesday nights. The only difference will be its timings. It will be placed in a new time slot of 10 pm ET.

Agents of SHIELD Season 4

The new slot will be applied to tell that it is going to get darker with the time and have an edgier storyline for the earlier time of the night. The early airing of season 3 may have resulted in the low rating. That may be one of the reasons why ABC has changed its timeslot. (check: ABC 2016 Fall Schedule.)

As of now, SHIELD has an average rating of 1.0 in the 18-49 demographics in this slot. Still, it looks good on comparing with other shows of the same timeslot. It has done better than many of others. (see: Scandal season 6 date.)

Agents of SHIELD S4 Premiere/Release Date, Spoilers, Promo, Trailer, Air Date, Updates

On the final note, it is certainly not possible to say if it’s going to be the final season of AoS. It feels that there is something more in the pipeline left for the fans. But the numbers will play the main role in deciding if it will go for season 5 or not. There is not much time left.

Stay tuned for more news.



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  2. Jessie morgan on

    I love the show. It’s one of the few shows I Have to keep up with I just have a chaotic life and forget when it’s on ? And I don’t think I can make it to 10 but I’ll suffer threw an agonizing day at work if I have to. I’ll really miss Brett too.