Airlift 10th Day (10 Days) Collection: 2nd Weekend/Sunday Box Office Report

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Airlift 10th Day Collection 10 Days Airlift 2nd Weekend/Sunday Box Office Business and Occupancy Report: The movie is really showing its magic on BoxOffice by minting huge amount of money in the recent days. Even on the second weekend, Airlift has earned a huge amount of money in comparison to the recent releases. Because of no storyline based movie in competition, the film is expected to go with nominal profits on the second week also. (see: 2016 Pro Bowl live stream.)

The Airlift collections have taken an increase after the last Saturday and do a very good performance in the Hindi cinema in comparison to the other historic movies of Akshay Kumar.¬†On Saturday, the film collected over 7.30 crores as the basic net earnings from domestic territories. It’s more than the Kya Kool Hai Hum 3 total collection of the 2nd week weekdays.

Airlift 10th Day Collection

10 Days Airlift 2nd Weekend/Sunday Box Office
Airlift Box Office CollectionEarning
Friday12.35 cr
Saturday14.60 cr
Sunday17.35 cr
Monday10.40 cr
Tuesday17.80 cr
Wednesday06.00 cr
Thursday05.00 cr
2nd Week
Friday04.50 cr
Saturday07.30 crore
Sunday08.51 cr
Total Domestic Collection103.80 cr
Total Overseas Collection26.53 cr
Total Worldwide Collection130.24 cr

Occupancy in the metropolitan cities remains lower from Monday to Friday. But afterwards, Friday the occupancy took a long jump from 40% viewers to more than 60% viewers on Saturday and even higher to the 80% and houseful shows on the 10th day.

Airlift 10th Day Collection 10 Days Airlift 2nd Weekend/Sunday Box Office

With this tremendous response, the film has minted out a huge amount even on the 10th day of its release. The weekends are usually fortunate days for the Bollywood movies, the flick collected over 8.51 crore rupees on its second weekend Sunday.

The total collection for the 2nd weekend since its initial release has turned out a huge. Collecting over 15 crores on the 2nd weekend, the earning is almost half of the earning which has been achieved initial first 3 days.

Airlift 10th Day Collection

Airlift 10 Days Box Office Collections

10 Days Airlift 2nd Weekend/Sunday Box Office

With release over around 2400 screens throughout the country, it was not a good start for the movie. But now we have observed that most of the theaters who were not screening the movie, has decided to screen it.

The talkie become one of the most profitable movie for Akshay Kumar and Nirmat Kaur after this release. It has crossed the records of all recent and old movies of vetran actor.

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  1. 10day collection 103.81carors.
    Not 95.30 . please please share right information. Your collculation is wrong .
    Use callculator.
    Airlift movie is so superb.