Airlift 3rd Day (3 Days) Collection: 1st Weekend/Sunday Box Office Report

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Airlift 3rd Day Collection 3 Days Airlift 1st Weekend/Sunday Box Office Business and Occupancy Report: The latest movie of Akshay Kumar is enjoying great time and faring very well especially at the domestic level. It went super strong today. It’s like enjoying a dream run. (see: Kya Kool Hain Hum 3 collection.)

Being a patriotic type of film, it is gaining momentum slowly and steadily since the release. It enjoyed a good opening as it collected Rs. 12.35 crores only in India. On the very next day, i.e., Saturday, it earned Rs. 14.6 cr. Not only this, early reports have suggested that it has good starting on Sunday too.

Airlift 3rd Day Collection

3 Days Airlift 1st Weekend/Sunday Box Office

Speaking of the country only, then, it is performing very well in all parts. In the morning, the occupancy was recorded as high as 65% at an average. So, it is believed that it increase higher in the noon and even higher at the evening and night shows. The movie has got very good reviews from both the critics as well as the audiences.

It can be said that the movie will enjoy the very good first weekend with Airlift collections will be around 17 crores or even higher. This movie has been released with another Bollywood film – Kya Kool Hain Hum 3. Thus, both are getting competition from each other.


Going by the trend, the movie is likely to collect Rs. 100 cr in just 10 days of its release for sure. This flick will surely prove to be one of the biggest hits of Akshay Kumar’s career. It is aiming towards Rs. 45 crore as the first-weekend collection. Thus, it will be one of the biggest grosser for him.

Airlift 3rd Day Collection – Rs. 16 cr [early estimates]

Airlift 3 Days Box Office Collections – Rs. 12.35+14.60+16 crores (Friday+Saturday+Sunday) = Rs. 42.95 cr

3 Days Airlift 1st Weekend/Sunday Box Office

Airlift is based on a real-life story of a man named Ranjit Katyal. It relates to the biggest air evacuation which happened when Iraq attacked Kuwait. About 2 million Indians living in Kuwait were evacuated via 488 flights in 59 days.

As of 2016, this talkie holds the highest grosser of the year, ahead of Wazir and KKHH 3. It will surely be a blockbuster film. The film crossed the record of Baby which collected Rs. 9.63 crore on the first day.

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  1. i have been keenly following the media and box office since the release of baahubali…….they all started negating the movie with their reviews while the international media was all praise for the movie…..when they could not contain the marauding baahubali they began showering heaps of praise on bajarangi bhaijaan……..and kept on fudging the box office reports of bajarangi bhaijaan and stopped at 626 crores when baahubali completed its box office run at 600 crores…….why? bollywood cannot digest a south indian movie to be all time highest grosser in the history of indian cinema…..well baahubali exactly did the opposite to their wishes… is india’s biggest blockbuster with domestic gross of 510 crores… stants second at 435 crores……well after all the gaga about pk and bajarangi bhaijaan i borrowed dvds of both those movies and watched them yesterday…..well PK was unadulterated shit for a movie…….and bajarangi bhaijaan was boring……sallu dick head has a song on chicken here…..then i started to wonder why PK is supposed to have grossed 735 crores world wide and bajarangi bhaijaan 626 crores worldwide and did some research into the box office collection reports………the answer…..bollywood inflates box office collections unashamedly and unethically……the numbers given come directly from the producers and the stars of the movie and there is no mechanism to check or verify those numbers,,,,,,they pay media and all media says such and such khan collected this much and well all time indian record has been broken………etc……the truth is this rat racing will be exposed sooner or later…….the fudging of bollywood numbers is mostly done by the khans……akshay kumar has a clean slate and ajay devgan and john abraham and ranbir too have a clean slate……the worst manipulators are khans and please do not believe that PK has done a worldwide business of 735 crores…it is purely unadulterated khan shit and sallu bhai’s bajarangi made 626 crores ? ask rockline venkatesh who co produced the movie……he is a telugu guy and he will spill the beans……both the movies infact haven’t done half as much as they claim…….now dont be surprised if dangal, raaees, and sultan get into 800 crore collections……mark my words….their next big lie will be 800 crores,,,,,,,

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