Airlift Movie Reviews: Akshay Kumar Confident Of Connecting People With Patriotism’s Feeling

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Airlift Movie Reviews: Akshay Kumar is going to be seen once again on the big screen via his upcoming film ‘Airlift’ based on a real incident. The actor is confident that the flick will fill the Indians with a feeling of patriotism and a feeling to do something good for fellow Indians.  (see: Dictator collections.)

The talkie, Airlift will mark the oneness type feeling among the Indians living across the globe. Not only this, it may help to generate the feeling for doing for the nation and the citizens. (see: Airlift rating.)

Airlift Movie Reviews

A large proportion of the society may not look forward to the Airlift review prior to going to watch the movie. They may neglect the views of different critics. The inner feeling that generates the being Indian spirit will attract the audiences to watch the film in the theatres regardless of the religion, caste, etc.

The upcoming venture of ‘Khiladi’ kumar, Airlift is a partriotic one to describe the greatness of India and its loyal countrymen who dared to cross the limits to save their citizens. Moreover, it show the great love and devotion towards the nation.

The movie is slated to release on 22nd January 2016, this Friday. It is highly anticipated film and is expected to bring back feelings to do something good for the country as the earlier movies like Border did. Akshay is playing the role of Ranjjt Katyal, the protagonist who inspires all the Indians regarless of their living nation to have a considerable amount of input for the betterment of India.


Revolving around the true events which took place in the 1990s when Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait, Airlift is to bring to our notice the biggest achievement of independent India. Many pilots took the risk of getting into a dangerous area just to help Indians to come back home safely, not thinking of their own lives.

Airlift Movie Reviews

The  movie is based on a true incident which took place a while ago in the 1990s. It is the story when Saddam Hussein, the dictator of Iraq invaded Kuwait. The incident bring out one of the biggest achievement of free India. A number of Indian pilots didn’t think about their lives and went out to bring Indians stucked in Kuwait. It is the biggest air evacuation ever recorded till date.

The film, once again, shows us how big and powerful the India is. Airlift will be a good watch for sure especially for the patriotic people who think and believe in every bit of the countrymen and not just himself and who has the courage to do good thing for the country.

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  1. Aksay Sir,Salman Sir and Aamir Sir they are living one good message in every films, actually i personally love to watch films of these golden and real stars in entire world because they always leave message for us and we need to make some changes,and really we have good think and power to make some changes and create some good environment, personally i learn a lot from these stars..!!

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