Airlift vs Dilwale: Bollywood movies Box Office Collections comparison

Dilwale vs Airlift Box Office collection

Airlift vs Dilwale: Airlift and Dilwale both movies have created a sensation in Bollywood during the recent months. Both movies lasted for around 4 weeks on the Box Office. Airlift is still doing a great business in India and heading towards crossing 200 Crores total Nett business throughout the country.

Airlift have Akshay Kumar and Nirmat Kaur in the leading roles while Dilwale has Shah Rukh Khan, Kajol, Varun Dhawan and Kriti Sanon. Despite having much small cast group, Airlift was successful in creating a sensation around the country in a very short span of time.

Usually, the Bollywood which doesn’t have any competition in the market got an awesome ending with Box Office Collections, But Dilwale somehow managed to fight Bajirao Mastani. One of the key reason behind this development was Shah Rukh Khan’s fan following. The fans want to watch the movie despite the fact that it doesn’t have any strong story.

The comparison is limited to the 4th week, as the data availability was limited

Airlift vs Dilwale

Box Office Collection Airlift  Dilwale
  1st Week
 Friday 12.35 cr 21.00 cr
  Saturday 14.60 cr 20.09 cr
  Sunday 17.35 cr 24.00 cr
  Monday 10.40 cr 10.09 cr
  Tuesday 17.80 cr 09.42 cr
  Wednesday 06.00 cr 08.79 cr
  Thursday 05.00 cr 09.26 cr
  1st Week Total Collection 83.50 cr 102.65 cr
  2nd Week
  Friday 04.50 cr 08.11 cr
  Saturday 06.50 cr 06.00 cr
  Sunday 08.26 cr 07.12 cr
   Monday 02.53 cr 03.02 cr
   Tuesday 02.61 cr 02.80 cr
   Wednesday 02.40 cr 02.40 cr
   Thursday 01.99 cr 02.20 cr
   2nd Week Total Collection 28.79 cr 31.85 cr
   3rd Week
   Friday 02.03 cr 03.41 cr
   Saturday 03.04 cr 01.90 cr
  Sunday 03.34 cr 02.40 cr
   Monday 01.04 cr 01.13 cr
   Tuesday 00.91 cr 01.02 cr
   Wednesday 00.83 cr 00.83 cr
   Thursday 00.76 cr 00.78 cr
   3rd Week Total Collection 11.95 cr 11.47 cr
   4th Week
   Friday 00.27 cr 00.40 cr
   Saturday 00.45 cr 00.45 cr
   Sunday 00.51 cr 00.50 cr
   Total Domestic Collection 125.37 cr 148.04 cr
   Total Overseas Collection 43.52 cr 154.80 cr
   Total Worldwide Collection 168.89 cr 302.84 cr

International Market

Akshay Kumar is not popular in International Market as much Shah Rukh Khan is. Despite that Airlift got a good business internationally after receiving positive reviews from many Dubai-based movie websites and channels. Indians and Pakistanis were the main audiences which have been targetted internationally.

Shah Rukh Khan has a very strong base in Dubai, USA, and Canada. Many residents in UAE and other countries are actually a die-hard fan of Bollywood superstar. Keeping every criticism behind, Dilwale collections were spectacular in the international market. It would not be wrong to say that goodwill of the movie was saved by them only.

Domestic Market

SRK’s intolerance comments have somehow affected the movie’s box office performance. The movie which was expected to go beyond 400 crores in the Domestic Box Office shrinks to only 200 crores nearby after having one of the largest releases.

Akshay Kumar leads the perception of positiveness which helped him a lot this time. Patriotic movie released on Republic day was deemed as one of the must watch. Although the superior best ever script of Airlift also helped the artist very much.

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