Aligarh and Tere Bin Laden Box Office Collections Update – 6th Day

Aligarh and Tere Bin Laden was on spotlight of Last Week’s release. Both the movies has a average opening on the box office. Where Aligarh receives some very positive reviews, Tere Bin Laden collects similar fame with average reviews.On the one side one movie is based on real life circumstances, the other on contrary is all about fiction and comedy.

Poor pre release buzz and not having attractive casts is one of the reason Tere Bin Laden turns to be one of the biggest flop in history of Bollywood. Despite releasing on over 1000 screens, it seems tough for the movie to mint out production costs in full. Most of the cinemas faced nearly 10% of occupancy in the metro cities, the situations in the urban and rural areas was even more worse.

Going down and down from the day one, it has collected only 80 lakhs on the opening day, Tere Bin Laden collections for the second day were around 90 lakhs with a weekend total of 2.55 crore rupees. It minted out 25 Lakhs, 20 Lakhs and 22 Lakhs in the three weekdays Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Aligarh Collections

Aligarh got a great opening on the box office with good reviews from highly acclaimed movie critics. Manoj Bajpayee said that he wants this film to be a hit so that the directors would dare to make such films in the near future. The movie is based on story of a professor who was removed from Aligarh Muslim University just because he was a homosexual.

Having very much selective audience for viewership, many cinemas doesn’t run the movie because of amid political controversies. However the movie still able to mint out 40 lakhs on the Day 1, 35 on Saturday followed by 45 Lakhs on Sunday. With weekend total of 1.65 crores the talkie is not much affected by the fact whether its a weekday or not. On Monday, Aligarh collections were still good at 25 lakhs and similar figures on Tuesday and wednesday.

Both the movies were failed because of different reasons. But the failure of Aligarh is actually a daring step, making Indian audience to get matured to watch these type of movies was the real motive of Manoj Bajpayee, taking one of the social issue in spotlight is a work which has been successfully achieved here.

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