American Horror Story Season 6 (AHS S6) Release Date: It May Be The Shortest

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American Horror Story Season 6 Release Date, Spoilers, Promo, Synopsis, AHS S6 Updates: FX announced the premiere date for the sixth season of “AmericanHorrorStory” on July 5, this week. The sixth installment is slated to premiere on September 14, 10 pm. Though much is still unknown about the sixth season of the show, I’ll try to get you as much information as I can gather.  (check: Suits Season 6.)

First of all, we have seen the recently released logo for the sixth installment of the installment. We also know that the chapter 5 actor Cheyenne Jackson is going to play a role in season6. That is all that we know officially. “AHS” usually starts airing in October but it’s a month earlier this time.

American Horror Story Season 6

Also, the show maker team remains quite pro-active regarding promotions and fanfare but that too seems missing. Maybe they are doing all this to generate hype among the fans. Perhaps, FX and Ryan Murphy are making this season just for the sake of the fans of the show.

The show’s first installment began with a good audience rating and high viewership but is gradually degraded as the years passed by. Maybe it’s just a marketing gimmick. We might get to watch a lot of teasers by the end of this month. This could only be revealed later when the AHS team decides to say something.

Until now, we have already seen a haunted house, an asylum for mutants, a whole installment worth of New Orleans infested with black magic and voodoo, a freak show for killers, and a hotel full of monstrous creatures (someone got their “Hotel Transylvania” right). And let us not forget the aliens.

American Horror Story Season 6 Release Date, Spoilers, Promo, Synopsis, AHS S6 Updates

After having a look at the S6 logo that was released with the premiere date, many fans speculate that this season could carry an anti-Christ or demonic theme. Ryan Murphy earlier said that the show would deal with children in some capacity.

It is also expected for the show to carry a bit of an operatic theme. Ryan also plans to implement his two different ideas for the installment that he’d been working on for some time in the past. We don’t exactly know what it is, but it could be somewhat related to following two different arcs in the same season.

This installment could be a lot more exciting, as even the stars of the show don’t know much about this installment. We could also finally see that how were the last 5 seasons connected to each other. I would let you in with more information as soon as I get my hands on it.

Stay tuned.


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