America’s Got Talent (AGT) Season 11 (2016) Semifinal 2 Results: Check Who 5 Reach The Finals and Top 10 Revealed

AGT 2016 Winner America's Got Talent Season 11 Finale Results
AGT 2016 Winner America's Got Talent Season 11 Finale Results

America’s Got Talent Season 11 Semifinal 2 Results AGT 2016: The reality TV show had the second phase of its semifinal round yesterday. Like the first round of semifinals, the remaining 11 contestants performed and 6 eliminations took place. As a result, the remaining 5 advanced to the finals. (read: Baar Baar Dekho Review.)

The finale rounds will take place next week. Contortionist Sofie Dossi, magician Steven Brundage, and juggler Viktor Kee were the three who needed America’s vote to be saved. To get to know who 5 made it to the next round, scroll down and read below. (Watch: AGT 2016 Semifinal 2 Performances.)

America’s Got Talent Season 11 Semifinal 2 Results 2016

The Clairvoyants
The host Nick Cannon revealed that they got the most votes ever in the history of the show. They competed against Kadan Bart Rockett and The Passing Zone. They were the one who made to the next level. Howie Mandel, one of the judge, got really excited upon hearing that they have made it.

Brian Justin Crum
Kadie Lynn, Calysta Bevier, and BJC competed against each other hoping to move forward. America’s vote made BJC reach into the finale. Crum was really happy with the win. Judge Mel B was excited to hear the good news as she expects that he can win the show.

Linkin’ Bridge
Jayna Brown and LB were against each other in the second round of semifinals. Yesterday, Brown’s performance on Katy Perry’s Rise made the judges gave a standing ovation. However, America decided to give LB a chance. Cowell told Brown that she should take this performance in a positive manner and take pride in it.

America’s Got Talent Season 11 Semifinal 2 Results AGT 2016

Sofie Dossi
SD was up against Steven Brundage, and Viktor Kee. In the end, aerialist and contortionist impressed the judges with her performance. She rejoiced her victory. Judge Heidi Klum was excited for her win as she felt that she truly deserves to be in the finals.

Viktor Kee
At last, Steven and juggler VK were left to face each other. Heidi once said that she wouldn’t like to choose any one between the two. However, the winner could be one, so she chose Viktor Kee. Mel B voted for Steven; Simon picked Brundage while Mandel went with Viktor. Judges’ vote were tied, and the decision went to American people. They chose Viktor.

AGT 2016 Top 10

(no particular order)

  1. The Clairvoyants
  2. Brian Justin Crum
  3. Linkin’ Bridge
  4. Sofie Dossi
  5. Viktor Kee
  6. Sal Valentinetti,
  7. Tape Face,
  8. Jon Dorebox,
  9. Grace VanderWaal,
  10. Laura Bretan

Stay tuned.

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