Angali Pangali Movie Review Rating: Action, Comedy, Drama


Angali Pangali review: It is the latest Tamil movie which has been doing rounds from the last couple of months. It is finally out in the theaters. The movie, as said by the filmmakers is released on the announced date which is 9th Oct. 2015.

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Many Kollywood movie lovers were geared to have some action drama this weekend and this film would be the perfect choice for them. So as far as the first show is concerned, for all those who are looking for Angali Pangali movie Review and Ratings, we say that you are at the right place and also the right time, since you will be getting a complete overview on this movie.

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So do read it and watch the film in theaters.


Coming to the story line of this film, it is pretty much clear that, this one is a complete entertainer and would make enjoy each and every scene till the end. Did you watch the trailer? If you haven’t, do take a look at it as it suggests the complete story of the flick. Vishnu Priya, Sanyathara, Soori, Kottachi, Ganesh, Meera Krishnan, Anjali Devi, Vishalini, Jyothi in the cast, the film is something you shouldn’t miss out this weekend.

Angali Pangali Review

Finally what you were waiting for. Well, the review and rating of the film are something which drive the audience to the theaters. So we made sure to go through the flick thoroughly before you all hear it out.

Since the film is attracting Family audience, the flick will have box office collections on it’s opening day and also the following days too. Looks like the First Weekend collections would end on a high note.

Coming to the star performances, Vishnu Priya, Soori and Sanyathara stole the show with their performances and the movie revolves around these characters the most. Kudos to the director, S Balamurugan who made the making of the film look pretty simple, but there’s a lot of passion involved in this movie. As a result, the film is getting good talk and positive reviews are flowing all over.

As far as the BGM and music are concerned, Srikanth Deva entertained all the audience in the theaters with some class and music. The BG came out good too.

On the whole, Angali Pangali review is worth reading and the movie is a must watch this weekend. Watch it and share your thoughts with us.

Angali Pangali Rating

This new Tamil film is worth watching and is entertaining all kinds of audience. So TheReporterTimes, would be rating it 3/5 stars.

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