Apoorva Movie Review Rating: Kannada Film released

Apoorva Movie Review Rating
Apoorva Movie Review Rating

Apoorva Movie Review Rating: Apoorva, the new Kannada film has hit the theaters this Friday and See what critics are saying about the movie along with our own Apoorva Review. Ever since the cast was announced, there has been a lot of expectations for the film. Did the film reach its buzz? Well, take a look at it in our Apoorva Review. (check: SIIMA Awards 2016 nominations.)

Apoorva story line is simple. This one is a musical entertainer, this is what was revealed by Ravichandran. But this turns to be a must watch thriller film. Don’t you forget there’ s Sudeep in the cast. Directed, Written and Produced by V. Ravichandran, this crazy star has taken care of everything and let’s see how his experience entertains us.

Apoorva Movie Review

From all the critics and sources, Apoorva is getting mixed reviews. This film is turning out to be worth watching because the crazy star has gone overboard with everything he did. The crazy star’s music composition turned to out to be a hot favorite.

Keeping aside Apoorva songs, what are the highlights of this new Kannada film? Well, the story is simple and the narration keeps us intrigued. Though the movie revolves around, Ravichandran, Apoorva, Sudeep and Vijay Raghavendra, the film missed out something. BGM was pretty good. The first half had a bit of lag but the climax will make everything forget.


Ravichandran as a 61-year old man still looked young. Though he is famous for his lavish films, he has done a low budget film this time and let’s make sure we don;t miss out this one. Apoorva played her role very efficiently. Sudeep nailed it with his performance.

Apoorva Movie Review Rating

On the whole, Apoorva is a must watch film for this weekend. Do book your tickets and enjoy the show with your family.

Apoorva Rating

We would like to rate Apoorva movie, 2.5/5 stars. Do share your thoughts and come back for Apoorva box office updates.

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    • Really it’s an good movie the should have love on the movie while watching. Friends don’t. listen others words. Let’s go n watch the movie really amazing, Ravi sir took our sandal wood to top. It’s like ballywood movies. My rating is out of out. Only the Ravi sir can do these movies.

    • Ultimate and super movie ,one and only Kannada industries boss’s V Ravichandran sirrrrrrr

  1. Nice Movie …. One should watch…… he is really shooman….. new trend seating movie before u go for movie.

    please keep in mind … u r going to watch a new tread movie……. enjoy the quotes and voice…. supper like

  2. The camera work, screenplay work, music compisition, background art works, everything excellent. Its a complete movie filled with only LOVE..

  3. Your Comment
    actually Ravi sir proved his real talent coz its not easy to pictures whole movie at lift its amazing experiment done by ravi sir..and music is awesome new and melodious tones..movie hit or flop its not a matter but he wanted say about love and life in his own way…i love apoorva and i support Ravi sir

  4. Acknowledge the hard work behind. Think different . Ravi Anna is famous for this . He is not here to make commercial movies and sit on bags of money . He is the pioneer ikannada industry . Let’s watch this man’s creativity not regular film. Let’s support him in going to theatre’s and make this film a success and keep him going in giving us new themes and put Kannada movies on forefront .

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