Ardhanaari First (1st) Day Box Office Collections Opening Report

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Ardhanaari 1st Day Collection Opening Ardhanari First Friday Box Office Business and Occupancy Report: Tollywood witnessed many massive hits in the recent times among the small budget films. Telugu audience has been encouraging films with content, and they have been widely accepted by the public. (check: Rojulu Marayi collections.)

Because of this, the number of small budget films has been increasing day by day. However many films failed to make much impact, and many of the movies failed to hit the screens eventually. Lack of audience is the reason why many of the films have not been able to be screened. One such film that has been making tremendous noise is Ardhanari.

Ardhanaari 1st Day Collection

Opening Ardhanari First Friday Box Office

Talented and senior directed Bhanu Shankar Chowdhry has taken enough time and penned a script that will impress the front seaters. Ardhanaari has a strong social message and is a transgender who kills many people.

Though the basic plot has been kept under wraps, Arjun Yajath, and Mouryaani played the lead roles in the movie. The movie is all about serial killings and the reason behind the murders.

Ravi Varma composed the music and the background score for the film which are said to be the major highlights of Ardhanaari. Ravi Kumar M produced the movie on Pathikonda Cinemas banner. The movie created a huge sensation all over before the film’s release because of the theatrical trailer and the audio.

The trailer created a huge impact all over and raised the expectations on Ardhanaari. The movie has been delayed several times and with no big releases around; the makers have finally aimed for release on July 1st across the world. The producers screened the film before the release so that it got good occupancy of theaters all over.

Ardhanaari released on July 1st in around 400 screens across the globe, and the film received a decent response from the audience all over. Sources revealed that the movie might not appeal to all the sections of audience however the front seaters loved the film immensely.

Ardhanaari 1st Day Collection Opening Ardhanari First Friday Box Office

Ardhanaari collected Rs 75 lakhs on its first day across Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. Arjun’s performance has been widely praised all over along with the directorial abilities of Bhanu Shankar Chowdhry. Ardhanaari is expected to mint decent money in its final run all over.


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