Baaghi Review Rating: Movie With Pure Action and Less Emotions; Tiger and Shraddha in a fighter avatar

Baaghi 28 days, 4 weeks box office collections earnings report
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Baaghi Review Rating: Baaghi movie is released, and the wait is over for Tiger Shroff’s latest film. Check out the latest movie review of Sabbir Khan’s directorial. Sajid Nadiadwala has produced it while Sanjeev Dutta has written the script. (read: Manithan review.)

Tiger Shroff and Shraddha Kapoor in the lead roles and Sudheer Babu as an antagonist, it has turned many eyes with the trailer. So here is the Baaghi review. Do read it before you watch it in theaters.

Baaghi Movie Storyline

Its plot is based on the Hollywood movie, The Raid: Redemption. It is a remake and is purely action entertainer. Yes, you heard it right. If you watched the trailer, you would have got an idea of the plot. (check: Raja Cheyyi Vesthe review.)

If not, read this. Tiger Shroff as Ronny is a rebel and his father wants to make his son walk on the right path, so decides to send Ronny to his friend in Kerala. Ronny comes here to learn the traditional martial art form of Kerala, Kalaripayattu.

Baaghi Movie Review: The emotions and romance couldn’t be seen working in the movie despite repeated efforts by too close scenes of Tiger and Shraddha

In the process, Ronny ends up falling for a girl, Sia, who loves to live the life in her way. Even the villain falls for her. They both get intrigued and attracted to her and decide to get her no matter what. Here, the clash begins and see how Ronny managed to pull this off must be watched in the theaters.

Baaghi Review

The film initially has come out with a lot of expectations. Sabbir Khan gave a hit with HeroPanti and Tiger Shroff waited two years for another story. He signed this film at last, and Sabbir just felt happy as Tiger chose his script again. But the movie is getting mixed response from around the globe.

It is entirely a film for dance fans. The film releasing in the exam season is expected to grow huge on the box office

Baaghi movie review: The trailer made it a must watch film and as a result, the occupancy was right, and box office reports are expected to break all Heropanti records. From the looks of it, makers are pretty happy.

Coming to the Baaghi review, the story is very straight, but Tiger fails in showing emotions. The main drawback of te film. Shraddha didn’t have much screen time. She was more like property of the movie. Though she had few action sequences, they were right at the end.

Baaghi movie review

The film keeps getting annoying with too much action. There are just no words with no enemies. Villain, Sudheer Babu, played his role well, but even his role was not so utilized as he too has to break bones whenever he was shown.

Baaghi review: The closeness of Tiger and Shraddha will touch you while watching the movie with your spouse.

The highlights of the film include Tiger’s action sequences, music. Meet Bros, Amal Mallik, Ankit Tiwari and Manj Musik just gave out the best songs for the flick. Mos oof them are topping the music charts on all channels.


Tiger Shroff failed to portray emotions on his face. He looks rigid and stiff in all the scenes. On the whole, it is purely for action lovers. Most of them are comparing it to Rocky Handsome. You guys watch it and share your views with us.

Baaghi Review Baaghi movie review

Baaghi Rating

We would be rating Tiger Shroff’s second venture, Baaghi 2/5 stars. Share your thoughts and stay tuned for box office updates.

Verdict: A film to be watched with the spouse.

Have you watched the movie? What’ s your Baaghi review? Feel free to share and check what others have share below.

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  1. fuck man …it should get 3 or 3.5 ratings…those who are rating 2 for them i like to see you people are just like an ass…tiger give his best in action sequence not like a**hole ranveer singh flirting with girls in sets…

    • Its a great movie everybdy must like it i giv 5 stars bcz all the actions were real when we compar wid other movies…just think how great is tiger he can do all da actions just think can u do it I don’t think so is it..?

  2. what a great package, his every action makes us so emotional. i would give 4.5 out of 5. but the controversial is BUDDHA was born in India which is historically false. was not supposed to mention that dominated sentence.

  3. No fact at all i give it 2 out of 5..yeah its best for those who jst want to see fight sence but otherwise totlay borring..

  4. Of course if it was Salman doing a total fight movie it wld hav been ok. Or SRK doing some over the top romantic movie, that too would be great. Give the kid a break. It’s just a start and Tiger is doing awesome. Don’t forget, Salman n SRK have done some udd movies in their time too. Tigers acting is much more mature than what a lot of the heroes did in their younger days. Tiger will grow more as an actor. The movie is marital arts based, OF COURSE it’s going to have more fight sequence than romance and no one does it better than TIGER.

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