Badtameez Dil 11th Nov 2015 Episode : Abeer threatens Meher and Akshat

The episode of Badtameez Dil starts with Abeer telling Meher than Ishaan will be just like him as he is his son. Devki warns him of sending him to jail. Abeer asks her that how can she keep him away from his own flesh and blood. Meher tells him that he is not his father and he used to take care of him when he used to cry at nights.Abeer tells her that he will not let him go far from him.Akshat tells him that Ishaan is his on and he won’t let him come between them.Abeer tells him that he was quiet when the matter was just between him and Meher, but now he won’t.Devki says that she will see how he roams around Ishaan.Abeer laughs and leaves.Next morning Suman comes to Meher and asks that what’s the matter.

Badtameez Dil 11th Nov 2015 Wednesday Episode

Badtameez Dil Wed Episode: Meher tells her that Abeer is mad and he will do anything to get Ishaan.She tells Meher that he is Ishaan’s dad and so how can he stop him from meeting him.The doorbell rings.Abeer comes and asks her if she has milk as he wants to drink tea.He tells Meher that he her new neighbour.He tells that Mr. Kaul gave him the flat in half rate and he shifted there.She asks him not to roam around Ishaan.Again the doorbell rings.Abeer says that her milkman came.He takes the milk in his class and gives her the packet.Meher is irked. Abeer comes again and asks for sugar.Meher closes the door in anger.Akshat comes and asks that who was ringing the bell.Meher tells him and Suman that Abeer has shifted to her neighbourhood.Akshat says he will send Abeer to jail.Suman says that Abeer is a rockstar and asks him if police is his relative.

Badtameez Dil

Abeer comes with a servant.Akshat says he will take outa solution.Akshatthreatens him that he will call the police.Abeer tells him that let’s go to court and he will tell them that they have kept his son forcibly. He tells him that he want to see that what will be Ishaan’s reaction when he comes to know about him being his father.He asks her that why is she settling with a languor.Akshat gets angry and tells her that they will get married and then he will become his dad legally.Abeer warns them.Meher asks Ishaan not to talk to Abeer and ignore him.Ishaan says he will talk to him.Meher tells him that he is a bad uncle.Ishaan asks that why does she let him come home.

Meher tells him that they work in the same office.Abeer comes and talks to Ishaan.Ishaan tells him that today’s sports day.Abeer offers to drop him.Ishaan thanks him and tells him that he will be going with his parents today.Abeer calls Akshat a driver and asks him to drop mom and son to school.Meher gets don and sits on the front seat.Abeer waves them by and smiles. Abeer gets angry thinking that Akshat is trying to be Ishaan’s dad.Appendix thinks that Abeer is right in thinking to impress Ishaan.Abeer asks him to come to the gym with him.

Badtameez Dil

He comes to the gym where Ishaan and Akshat are working out.He thinks of impressing him.Ishaan asks him that what is he doing at his Papa’s gym.Abeer tells him that he has taken membership.Ishaan asks them to compete.Akshat suggests the exercises, biceps, pushups and leg stretch.Abeer thinks that what should he do.Akshat asks him if he is scared.Ishaan says that first round is weight lifting.Ishaan counts and Akshat loses.

Ishaan tells him that if he wins in the second round he will be the winner.Abeer loses in it.Ishaan wishes Abeer best of luck when his turn comes for leg stretching.But Abeer loses.Ishaan says that he will put a spray on his leg.Abeer asks him that where is his mom.Meher comes and asks that what happened.Ishaan tells about the competition between Abeer and Akshat.Meher says that let’s go.Abeer says good night small rockstar.They leave and Abeer smiles.

Precap of Badtameez Dil: Meher asks Akshat that what is all this and fears about the effect on Ishaan.Akshat asks her that can she handle the things in a better way.He says that let him handle this and that he is doing this for Ishaan’s betterment.