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Badtameez Dil 17th November 2015: The starting of this episode shows Ishaan asking Abeer to take him to his house. Abeer tells him that his mom will get tensed to which Ishaan says that he will tell his mom that he will stay at his house till Akshat stays in her house. Meher comes and asks him to come with her. Abeer insists on keeping him, but Meher says that he can do whatever he wants, but Ishaan will not go with him.Ishaan refuses to come and tells her that whenever he is scolded by Akshat she never says anything. Abeerinsistsand Meher agrees.Ishaan apologizes to Meher. (watch: All Episodes of Badtameez Dil here.)

Meher asks him not to trouble Abeer. Abeer tells Meher not to worry thinking Ishaan went with his dad. Ishaan comes to Abeer’s house.Ishaan says that the house is so big and where is his room. Ishaan says that he will also get his name written in his room. He also looks at Abeer’s photos and likes them. Abeer smiles.Ishaan asks if he does gym to which Abeer agrees and gives him dumbbells. Ishaan asks him about his wife and to show him the photos and didn’t marry yet. Abeer recalls marrying Meher and then their fights.


Badtameez Dil 17th November 2015

He tells him that he was divorced. Ishan says he is hungry. Abeer leaves to bring food and Ishaan kisses on his cheeks. He looks for his wife’s photo. Ishaan gets an album in an almirah. He is shocked to see his mom’s and Abeer’s photos. He recalls his mom’s words that Abeer is a very bad man. Abeer comes back. Ishaan asks him if he is his dad. Abeer agrees.Ishaan asks that why didn’t meet him before and didn’t miss him. (watch: Kumkum Bhagya 17th Nov. 2015.)

Abeer tells him that his mom didn’t tell him about him. Ishaan asks that why his mom is angry at him. Abeer tells about his mistakes, their fights, and the divorce.Ishaan asks if he loves his mom even now. Abeer says he loves her even now and his mom is not forgiving him. He says that he wants to live a happy life with both of them.Ishaan hugs Abeer and cries.

Badtameez Dil 17th November 2015

Akshat tells Meher that Abeer is using him.Meher says that all this is because of his insecurity. Akshat says that Ishaan is going far from him. Meher asks that why is he overreacting. Akshat says that his life is for her and Ishaan since 8 years and he can’t see that ending. Meher says that even she doesn’t want-to return in his life.

Akshat says that they should get married.Ishaan asks Abeer to apologize to her and then she will forgive him.Ishaan promises to unite both of them. Akshat tries to get close to Meher. Meher pushes him and asks that what is wrong with him.Akshat asks that what is wrong in this and can’t they have a normal boyfriend-girlfriend relationship.He says that Suman is right and Abeer is still in her heart and that ‘s why she maintains a distance with him.

Badtameez Dil 17th November 2015

Ishaan says that he will convince Meher. Akshat asks her to be honed to herself and him. He says that she is selfish and thinks about herself and when he comes to kiss you, he can’t even do that. Meher pushes him again.Ishaan runs and falls from the stairs. Abeer gets tensed. Rati comes to Kuber and asks him to sign the papers. She tells him that these are Meher’s termination letters. Kuber refuses to sign. Rati asks him not to test her potential. Kuber refuses.Rati blackmails him. Kuber says that his son’s family is uniting and he doesn’t want to snatch his love.

Rati says that he should do what she has told him. Huber says that she is the woman and so she should understand love.Rati says that Abeer and Meher have destroyed her life.Kuber says that this is nonsense and they can’t do this.Kuber looks on shocked.

Precap: Ishaan asks Meher to forgive his dad.Meher asks that what does he mean.Ishaan tells her that he came to know who is his real dad. Abeer comes. Meher looks at him.

Badtameez Dil 17th November 2015

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