Badtameez Dil 18th Nov 2015 Episode on Star Plus: Meher agrees to marry Abeer


The episode of Badtameez Dil starts with Rati tellingKuber that she will do anything to separate Abeer and Meher.Kuber asks if she is talking about Nissar.She says that Nissar left her because of Abeer and Meher.She says that he never wanted to leave her and all this happened because of both of them.

Badtameez Dil 18th Nov 2015 Wednesday Full Episode

Kuber says that she has some misunderstanding and both of them miss Nissar a lot.Kuber tells her that they didn’t betray him, but he himself has betrayed everyone.He tells her that he used Nissar to break their marriage.He also tells her that he sent Nissar to kill Meher in the hospital and for this he gave him money and he got greedy.He left her because of money and his insecurities.He asks her to punish him. [Also See: Last Episode of Badtameez Dil]

Rati cries.He folds his hands and asks her not to harm both of them.He says that both of them are separated because of destiny.Rati says that it’s a big mistake of her life and ends her relation with Kuber.She tries to leave, but he stops her and requests her not to quit the job.Rati nods.Kuber thanks her.

Badtameez Dil 18th November 2015

Doctor bandages Ishaan’s head.Meher hugs Ishaan and kisses him.Ishaan asks her to forgive his dad.Meher looks at Akshat and asks that what does he mean.Ishaan says that he has come to know about his real dad.Abeer comes back.Akshat tells Meher that Abeer is instigating Ishaan against him.Ishaan says that he found their album in his cupboard and also says that he misses her and wants to apologize and to please forgive him.Akshat grabs Abeer’s collar.He starts beating Abeer.

Badtameez Dil

Abeer meanwhile looks at Ishaan.Meher asks Akshat to stop.Meher gets hurt while trying to stop him.Abeer pushes Akshat and leaves to bring the first aid box.Akshat is leaving.Meher tells him that she needs to talk to him.Akshat says that there is nothing left to talk and he might be taking revenge.He says that he knows she loves Abeer.She denies but Akshat says that she should please stop lying.He also says that she keeps on saying that she has moved on, but she still loves Abeer.He asks her to take care of Ishaan.Devki asks Meher that how can she let Akshat go.


Suman stops her and says that we should let Meher decide.She says that Abeer loves her very much and doesn’t want to lose her.She says that they will give one chance to them and it will be a big mistake if they stop Akshat.She requests Devki and she nods.Abeer applies ointment on Meher’s hand and asks her about Akshat.Meher tells him that he has left.He bandages her hand.Mere Nishaan song plays.Meher looks at him.He asks her that what happened.

Abeer asks her to look at him.He says that he wants to take care of her and her family.He also says that this is the last time she is crying and this won’t happen anymore.He will make her laugh daily.He tells her that nothing is more important to him than her and Ishaan.Ishaan smiles.Abeer asks her to accept his proposal.He says that he loves her and will die without her.Meher cries.Ishaan asks her to agree.Suman also asks her to agree.

Devki also asks her to agree and says that the truth is that she still loves him and she will accept their relation and him too.Meher smiles and hugs Abeer.Ishaan asks them to hug him as well.Abeer sings Mere Nishaan song.Meher and Ishaan look on.Abeer asks her to dance with him.Meher refuses.Abeer convinces her.Abeer and Meher dance romantically and Ishaan plays the guitar.Abeer and Meher smile happily.Abeer asks for a kiss.Meher says that should she slap him and to be shameful as he is the father of a son.Abeer says that he is not looking at them.Meher claps for Ishaan as he plays the guitar.Ishaan goes to call Suman and Devki.Abeer asks Meher to give hima kiss and pulls her closer for a kiss

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