Badtameez Dil 22nd October 2015: Meher refuses to forgive Kuber

Badtameez Dil 22nd October 2015: The episode starts with Kuber and Abeer coming to Meher’s house. Kuber apologizes to Meher for his past deeds due to which Meher and Abeer separated in the past. He tells her that he became egoistic due to his status and money. He also tells the family members that he stopped Meher from resigning because she is very talented and also because he feels that Abeer and her should be once again together. (read: Shandaar review.)

Abeer looks on. Kuber asks for an apology from Meher and tells her that he is the reason she is suffering and he was really wrong about her. He folds his hands before her. Devki asks Kuber whether he has started a business of apologies because sometimes his son comes for the same and sometimes he. Meher refuses to forgive Kuber even if he has come to her house for that. She also tells him that it’s easy for him to apologize but he can’t ever imagine what she has felt in those 8 years.

Badtameez Dil 22nd October 2015

She tells him that he amay have stopped her in ”Groove Channel” with 3 months notice but he cannot force her and this he should remember for the whole of his life. Kuber asks her that why is she punishing herself and Abeer for his mistakes.Abeer asks him to stop it and tells him that they should go home. He touches Suman’s feet and tells her that if his love is true then everything will soon be fine. (check: Shaandaar movie review.)

They start to leave when they see Akshat coming.Kuber asks Abeer to come with him.Abeer looks angrily at him and leaves.Kuber smirks victoriously and leaves.He asks Abeer if he will come back
home or should he drop him at office. Abeer shouts angrily but places two conditions. Firstly he will drive the car and secondly Kuber will make him drink beer. Kuber smiles and hugs him.Abeer cries.he also tells Kuber that he will surprise his mom.

Badtameez Dil 22nd October 2015

Kuber exclaims thatt it’s a good idea. Thay come back home drunk while singing ”Mere Nishan” song. Madhavi gets emotional on seeing them come back home together. Abeer tells him that he will help him get to his room as he is old. Kuber covers him with his suit. Abeer hugs Madhavi and tells her to take care of her oldie on which Kuber asks who is oldie here.

Abeer sleeps on his bed.Kuber is very happy with his return and makes him sleep. Madhavi gets tears in her eyes. Abeer wakes up Kuber the next morning and gives him a glass of juice. Madhavi sees that Abeer is ready and asks that why is he dressed like Kuber. Abeer tells her that it is Kuber’s clothes. Madhavi leaves to get them breakfast. Kuber apologizes to Abeer.

Abeer tells him that its all done for now and asks him to cancel the contract and let Meher leave. He tells him that Meher is very stubborn and he knows how to convince her. Kuber reassures him that whenever he needs him, he will be there. They talk about Akshat. Madhavi asks that what was Meher’s answer. Abeer looks on.

Badtameez Dil 22nd October 2015

Devki asks Meher to accept Akshat’s proposal. She also tells her that he has always been with her through all her thick and thins and still she is doubtful about him. She tells her that this is the only way she can end Abeer’s chapter and eventually he will also move on in his life. It’s for her to decide now. Meher sees Akshat bringing his luggage and asks about it. Akshat tells her that he is preparing himself because if she agrees then he will stay else he will leave. He tells her that he has feelings for her, he likes her and is very fond of her. Meher says Okay and leaves.

Meher comes to office thinking about Akshat and Abeer. She comes to her cabin when she founds Abeer sitting there. Abeer asks her how is he looking to which Meher replies that she doesn’t have time for his childishness. Abeer tells her that her friend is very cheap as he was the one who made him drink so much on the press conference day and also bribed the lift man to get the lift closed. Meher doesn’t trust him.

Meher accepts Akshat’s proposal and tells him that lets get engaged. Akshat happily hugs her. Meher gets teary eyed. Devki is happy while Suman is shocked.

Badtameez Dil 22nd October 2015
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