Badtameez Dil 23rd October 2015: Meher & Abeer get passionate

Badtameez Dil 23rd October 2015: The episode starts with Abeer telling Meher that Akshat is a really cheap man and also discloses the fact that he made him drink a lot on the press conference day and he only bribed the lift man to halt the lift. Meher, on the other hand, accuses him that he has nothing more to say and that’s why he is lying about Akshat. He asks if she accepted his proposal. Meher asks him to leave as she tells him that its none of his business. Abeer tells her that nobody can love her more than him.Meher tells him that she doesn’t love him.

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Abeer asks her to look in his eyes and tell him that she doesn’t love him. He telling her that she stops herself as she gets lost in her embrace. He gets romantic with her and asks if she doesn’t feel like loving him again. They share some romantic moments. Abeer tells her that he will never leave her and make everything alright. Meher recalls the fact when he promised the same thing to her before. Rati comes to Meher’s room and sees them getting intimate. Abeer tells her that she should have knocked before coming. Rati apologizes and tells them that she doesn’t know that some people are doing personal work. Abeer and Meher look on.

Badtameez Dil 23rd October 2015

Rati tells Kuber that she gave the files to Meher.Kuber tells that those were Nissar’s files and asks her that why did he leave so suddenly. Rati tells him that he was thrown out of office.Kuber tells her that he can understand her, he was your first love, everything was so new for you and then he left you. He also assures her that he hopes he can do something for her. Rati looks at him and tells him that he is a successful businessman, he has so many people in his office, he must have motivated your employees. She also tells him that she loves her career too like she loves Nissar. Kuber holds her and tells her that he shall think about her career. (watch: Dictator teaser.)

Abeer tells Meher that he loves her a lot and that she should not punish herself. He tells her that he will wait for her phone call and leaves.Meher gets emotional and she gets surrounded by the echo of Devki’s words and those of Abeer and Akshat. Akshat tells Suman that he is leaving because he wants to give space to Meher for their future and will keep coming occasionally. Meher comes back home. Akshat tells her that he is leaving. Meher tells him that he gave her 24 hours and is leaving before that time so has he changed his mind. She tells him that let’s get engaged.

Badtameez Dil 23rd October 2015

Akshat is surprised and tells her to repeat.Meher repeats and Akshat hugs her. He runs to Devki and hugs her. Suman is shocked.Meher gets tears in her eyes. Suman comes to Meher and tells her that she seems very happy after saying yes to Akshat as he was waiting for her yes since 8 years. Meher tells her that she also likes him.Suman tells her that Devki is happy as she always wanted this. She asks Suman that what does she want and did she think about Meher’s happiness. Meher tells her that she got divorced after 3 months of marriage and is since then tagged as a divorcee. (see: Bigg Boss season 9.)

Suman tells her that there is definitely some other reason behind her decision. She also tells her that she couldn’t forget Meher’s dad till now. She tells Meher that she may have thought that Abeer is like her dad but he is not and he genuinely loves her. She tells Meher that true love happens only once and he will always be your true love. She says that she is her mom and she always wants her to be happy. Rati does her makeup in office and tries to take off Kuber’s tie.

Badtameez Dil 23rd October 2015

Kuber stops her by holding her hand and tells her that he doesn’t let anyone come closer to his neck. Someone knocks on the door.Rati checks who is it and asks someone to clean Kuber’s cabin after he leaves. She comes back to Kuber. Kuber asks her for dinner.Rati asks him that isn’t he scared that somebody will see them together.

Kuber calls up at a hotel and asks them to book a suite on his name for the next 6 months. He tells her that their room is booked in the 7-Star hotel and also tells her that young generation gets scared fast and that’s her weakness. He assures her that her career will reach heights. Rati thinks that she will ruin Abeer and everybody around him. (read: Kanche collections.)

Appendiz asks Abeer that will he compete with Meher’s boyfriend. Abeer tells him about a book named “Art of War” which tells how to make the enemies lose. He tells him that he will enquire about his weakness and take its advantage.

Badtameez Dil 23rd October 2015 episode ended here. Stay tuned for more news.

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