Badtameez Dil 24th October 2015 Star Plus: Who’s the little boy with Akshat?

Badtameez Dil 24th October 2015: The episode starts with Abeer coming to office and asking the receptionist about Meher. The receptionist tells him that Meher will not come today.He tries to call Meher, but her phone is not reachable. Peon brings a tray full of cool drinks and tells him that this is for him.Abeer asks him to take that out. Akshat enters and tells him that he should walk from a distance and serve this. (watch: mtv splitsvills 8.)

Abeer tells Akshat that he is a musician and not a waiter and he should serve it to everybody and get out from here. Akshat tells him that this is the reason Meher doesn’t like him anymore and that today is his engagement with Meher for which he had been waiting since 8 years. He also tells Abeer that he should come to his engagement with his sad song and serve drinks if he loves aunty. Abeer stands to fume.

Badtameez Dil 24th October 2015

Meher calls her mom, but she does not pick her call. Doorbell rings and Abeer enters the house with florists to decorate the house. Meher asks him that what is all this to which he replies that it’s his wife’s engagement today and so he wants to decorate the whole house. She sends those people out and throws away the bouquet. Meher’s mom consoles Abeer that she did not have the courage to pick up his call. Meher asks him that will he do now. (read: Kanche collections.)

Abeer tells her that he won’t do anything but what she is doing that is wrong. She asks him that what’s wrong in this because it was Akshat who has waited for her since 8 years whereas Abeer left her in 8 months. Abeer tells her that she loves him and that she cannot hide and also he loves her. Meher tells him that he left her a long time ago and now she is leaving him. Abeer tells her not to say all this and give him a chance to prove how much he loves her.

Badtameez Dil 24th October 2015

Meher asks him to leave. Mom tells her that Abeer is right. Meher claims that Akshat is perfect for her, but Abeer tells her that he is not a good person. Meher asks him to prove it once and she won’t get engaged. He accepts her challenge and hugs her mom happily. Abeer meets appendix and seeks his help. Appendix demoralizes Abeer and praises Akshat.Abeer asks him that he wants to demoralize him or help him. Abeer tells him about a game in which one can find out opponent’s weakness and defeat him. (see: Shaandaar collections.)

Appendix asks that is it just like Akshat identified that Abeer is a drunkard and proved to Meher that he is not for her again. Abeer agrees and prays to god to show him Akshay’s biggest weakness. Just then, Akshat gets into a car and leaves.Abeer follows him with Appendix. Akshat parks his car at a bus stop and waits for someone. Abeer hides behind his car and spies him silently thinking that he will catch him red handed.

He is shocked to see a school boy coming out of a school bus and hugging him. Akshat asks the boy how was it to which the boy replies that it was good and asks him if he did his work. Akshat calls him a son and tells him that he brought it. Abeer gets surprised to see that boy is Akshat’ son. Akshat takes a gift box out of his car and gives it to the boy. The boy opens the box and takes out the binoculars. Akshat asks him that how was his 2-months Australia trip and says that he hasn’t gone to Australia yet. The boy tells him that Kangaroos are only found in Australia.

Abeer tells Appendix that this boy is Akshay’s son and now he wants to see Meher and Devki Bua’s expression when they come to know this.

Badtameez Dil 24th October 2015 episode ended. Stay tuned for more news.

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