Badtameez Dil 26th October 2015: Abeer meets Akshat’s son, Ishaan

Badtameez Dil 26th October 2015: The Episode starts with Abeer looking at the boy Ishaan while he is busy seeing through the binoculars. He tells Appendix that the boy is Akshat ’s son.Akshat and Ishaan leave in their car.Abeer comes to Meher’s house and asks Suman about Meher.He comes to her room and asks her to break her engagement with Akshat as he is a big fraud.Meher asks him for a valid reason. [check: Diya Aur Baati Hum.]

Abeer tells her that he has a kid.Meher and Suman look at each other in a shock.Akshat brings Ishaan.Ishaan comes running to Meher while calling her “Mumma” and shows her the gifts. Meher asks about his trip.Abeer asks that why is he calling her mom when she is not yet married to Akshat.Ishaan gets angry at Abeer and tells him the no one can talk to his Mom in such a loud voice.Meher asks Abeer to leave.

Badtameez Dil 26th October 2015

Abeer gets angry at Ishaan and Akshat.He thinks Akshat has convinced her for marriage by showing his son to her.Meher asks him to leave.Ishan runs and collides with Abeer and his binoculars breaks.Abeer tells Meher that he didn’t do this intentionally and Akshat tells Ishaan that he will get another one for him.Ishan throws beads and makes Abeer fall.Abeer tells him that he will settle scores with him. (see: Badtamez Dil all episodes.)

Ishan tells him his school name and laughs and Akshat tells Abeer not to telly anything to his son. Suman asks Abeer to leave the house for his sake.Ishaan asks Meher that who was this mad guy and tells her that he will push him into the pool if he comes back again.Suman asks him to have food and Meher tells him to change his clothes.Suman gives him Chole to eat.Suman and Akshat ask Meher to relax.Ishaan asks if Mom is angry with him.Akshat disagrees.Ishaan asks him then what the reason for which she is crying.

Badtameez Dil 26th October 2015

Meher runs to her room and cries.Akshat goes to her room and looks on.Abeer watches video of their in intimacy and romance and smiles.He recalls that Meher told him that she wants a baby and he had refused her for the same and broke the marriage.He thinks that may be he would have understood her wish. Kuber comes to him and asks that what happened to him.He also tells him that his mom told that he didn’t eat anything. (see: Yeh Hai Mohabbatein.)

Abeer tells him that Meher is getting married to someone else.Kuber and Madhavi look shockingly.Madhavi asks him to make her understand.Abeer tells her that he tried to convince Meher but Akshat is controlling her well.He tells her that Akshat has 6-7 year old son and that boy calls Meher his mom.He says that if hadn’t left Meher 8 years ago,then this single father wouldn’t have trapped her.

Badtameez Dil 26th October 2015

Kuber says that if Meher doesn’t want to return to him then he can’t ruin his life.Abeers tells them that his life doesn’t exist without her.Madhavi tells him that she will talk to her.Kuber tells her that it would be a very weird situation for her.Abeers ays that he will talk to her.Kuber gets a call and saya he has to leave.He asks Abeer to be strong and leaves.

Abeer asks Madhavi if Meher really needed a baby and tells her that if she hadn’t left her then she would have been his today.He cries in her lap. Precap: Abeer tells Meher that they can have their own baby.He talks about Ishaan.Meher cries and says Ishaan is his own son when he leaves.

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