Badtameez Dil 28th October 2015 Wednesday Episode: Abeer uses a girl to trap Akshat

Badtameez Dil 28th October 2015: The episode Badtameez Dil of  starts with Appendix trying to frighten Ishaan that Meher will torture him and leave him alone at home.Ishaan asks the reason.Appendix tells him that all stepmothers are cruel.Ishaan locks him from outside and laughs.Meher comes with Akshat and opens the door.Ishaan tells her that this bad uncle is saying that you both will lock him in a room and her mom is a stepmom.

Appendix denies saying that.Meher asks him to stay away from her personal life else she will suspend him from his job.Appendix angrily leaves. Appendix complains Abeer about Ishaan and Akshat.Abeer overreacts.Appendix suggests him to hire a girl to lure Akshat and, in turn, prove that he is a womanizer and a fraud.Abeer fumes and agrees and asks that from where will they get a girl like this.Appendix says that he knows a girl who can help them.

Badtameez Dil 29th Oct 2015 Thursday Episode

Badtameez Dil 28th October 2015

A girl enters walking sensuously and wearing a short dress.All the males get mesmerized by seeing her beauty.Abeer asks Appendix that when will the girl come.he tells Abeer that the girl is a big fan of him and just wants to be around him.Abeer tells him that he just wants to prove Akshat wrong.The girl enters the recording room.Abeer also gets mesmerized seeing her beauty.The girl hugs him and tells him that she is a big fan of him and absolutely loves his music.She introduces herself as Alia Dutta and continues praising him.

He is surprised to hear all his likes and dislikes from a girl.Appendix asks the girl if she will do the task and she agrees saying that she will do anything for him.Abeer tells her that it’s a weird and difficult task and she should not feel bad. Abeer flattens the car tyre.Alia asks why is he doing this.Appendix says that they will have to tell everything to this girl and this is his film’s auditions and she can be debut film heroine if she proves her talent of doing anything.

Badtameez Dil 28th October 2015

Abeer si surprised to hear his lies.Alia asks the name of the film.Appendix says that it is “Mere Mehboob qayamat hogi”.The girl says that it’s a weird name.Abeer asks him to focus.The girl stops Akshat’s car and asks him to help her as her car is punctured.He agrees to change the tyre.She says she need an auto.He stops an auto for her.The girl asks him if he will go to Bandra.The driver agrees.She scolds him saying that when he can’t goes then why does he drive an auto.She then goes to Akshat and requests him to drop her at Bandra.He agrees and hugs him repeatedly.

Appendix and Abeer click their picture.Akshat drops her at Bandra.She starts flirting with him and asks him for his number.He gives her the number and leaves saying that he has to pick up his son.Abeer and Appendix come.The girl hugs Abeer and tells him that the mission is successful.Abeer asks her that why does she hug him so often and if she asked him for his number and left her bangle in his car.She agrees and asks if her role for the film is final.

Badtameez Dil 28th October 2015

Abeer tells her that this was just the first round.In the second round, she has to call him and call him over a coffee.Alia calls Akshat and he agrees to meet her at a coffee shop at 6 p.m to return her bangle.She tells Abeer that her role is final now as Akshat has agreed. Kuber comes to office and checks if Abeer is there, in all the cabins.The secretary comes and gets into a cabin.He gets romantic and asks where is Abeer.She tells him the she went out after lunch.He asks about Meher.S

he tells him that she is working from home.He tells her that it’s good if she marries and leaves Abeer.She asks him that if he hates Meher so much then why did he stop her in office and why is so lenient to Abeer.He angrily looks at her but she tells him to trust her. Precap: Kuber tells the secretary that once Abeer starts hating Meher, he will show her the right place. Akshat takes Meher to a coffee shop and shows Abeer hugging Alia to console her.

Badtameez Dil 28th October 2015 episode ended.

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