Badtameez Dil 29th Oct 2015 Thursday Episode updates; Are Akshat & Meher getting engaged?


Badtameez Dil 29th October 2015: The episode of Badtameez Dil starts with Rati asking Kuber that why did he stop Meher in the office when he doesn’t want to see her face and even his BP shoots up the moment he sees her.She asks that why did he give so much freedom to Abeer.Kuber looks at her angrily but Rati touches him and tell him that he can trust her.Kuber tells her that even if he doesn’t like Meher,he does care for his son.He also tells her that until he loves her he can’t go against her.

Badtameez Dil 29th Oct 2015 Thursday Full Episode

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He wants to play safe and that’s why he brought this company.He tells her that he can get Meher out of company in a moment but as she is leaving after marriage then he doesn’t have to do anything.Rati tells him that she thought he s seriously apologetic.Kuber tells her that sometimes he gets emotional.He pulls her closer and tells her to keep an eye on him.Rati agrees as she want to ruin Abeer and Meher. Akshat tells Meher that she even works at home.He holds her hand and asks her to come for coffee.Meher tells him that he is very romantic today.

Akshat tells her that he does get very romantic ideas but there is a wall between them.Meher agrees to it.She combs her hair to get ready.Akshat tells her that perfume spraying is an art and offers to show her.He sprays perfume on her hand and then smells her hand.He sprays perfume on her clothes and tries to smell her.Meher feels uncomfortable.Akshat thinks he will get Meher right in front of Abeer.Meher asks him to come for coffee and they leave.

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Badtameez Dil 29th Oct

Abeer brings Appendix to a restaurant.Appendix tells him that he dint see that girl carefully as he loves Meher.Abeer tells that he is a cheap man.Appendix looks at him and picks up his girlfriend’s call and tells her that he was missing her.Abeer thinks that he is the only loyal boyfriewnd and others are cheating their ladies.Akshat comes to the restaurant and flirts with the same girl.The girl asks that what is he doing.Akshat tells her that we will fix a rate and act as if we have come on a date.He also tells her that he has booked a room to and asks her the rate.

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The girl tells him that he is disgusting. She leaves.Akshat smirks.Abeer tries to stop Alia.Alia hugs him and tells him that that guy was very cheap and asked her rate.Appendix tells her that Akshat is cheap guy and they have to rescue Meher.Meher comes and asks Akshat that Ishaan was asking that when will they come back.Akshat tells her that Abeer is here.Abeer asks Alia not to cry.Meher tells Akshat that it doesn’t matter.Akshat tells her that he wants to see who is that girl.Abeer comforts her and tells her that he will see that guy.Meher and Akshat see him like this.

Badtameez Dil 29th October 2015

Akshat is happy and tells Abeer that he hopes that they didn’t disturb him.He asks him to introduce his new girlfriend.Meher asks Akshat to come.Abeer stops Meher and tells her that it’s a misunderstanding.Meher tells him that she doesn’t care and it’s not surprising for her that he is dating someone but so shamelessly like this,that’s disgusting.Akshat recalls getting Alia’s call. And tells him that he played the same game with him.He tells him that Meher might be feeling disgusted to marry him as he can do anything with anyone at any place. Abeer gets angry.


Akshat asks him to open his eyes and see that he is getting married to Meher and he can’t do anything to stop him.He warns Abeer telling him that he has waited for her since 8 years.Abeer smiles and tells him atht its good that the game is in open now.He tells him that he is a fox and he will come to know who is the tiger.He tells Akshat that Meher is her lifelong love and not his ex-wife. He says Meher will be only his.

Badtameez Dil 29th October 2015

He also tells him that his act was very cheap.He didn’t beat him as Meher would have cried.He challenges him and warns him.Akshat invites him for the engagement and smiles. Abeer recalls Akshat’s and Meher’s words.He recalls Ishaan calling her mom and the recent misunderstanding.He smiles.Appendix brings coffee for him.Abeer tells him that he got do some small work and leaves.Appendix wonders that will happen now.

Akshat and Ishaan play with ball.Ishaan asks him to return his ball and calls him dad.Meher comes and says they both are playing.Ishaan asks if he can call him dad.Meher agrees.Ishaan gives the ball.Akshat gets hurt mistakenly and blames Ishaan.Ishaan gets sad and apologizes.Akshat says that he made him an owl and laughs saying that he was just kidding. Meher gets Abeer’s message that wants to talk to her and is waiting outside her home.

Akshat and Ishaan continue playing.Meher goes out and sees Abeer standing and smiling.She aks shim that what does he want and that she told her that she is not interested.She suggests him to do the Watchman’s job.Abeera asks her that should he wake up everyone.He tells her that he wants to talk for two minutes.He aks sher that was she jealous when she saw him with a girl.Meher says that she was not jealous amnd tells him that she didn’t knew that he will shamelessly start anywhere.Abeer tells her that she shouldn’t care and tells her that she gets jealous even today on seeing him with a girl.He says that thousands of girls love him and she gets jealous seeing that.

Meher reminds him that she is getting engaged tomorrow and will get married in a few days’ time. Abeer gets sad. Precap: Meher asks Suman that is he not happy with her engement with Akshat or is she sad that it’s not happening with Abeer.Suman tells her that she has returned in Abeer’s life and says that there is no importance of Abeer in Ishaan’s life but thing can change as Abeer is Ishaan’s dad.Meher looks on tensed.

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