Badtameez Dil 31st Oct 2015 Saturday Episode: Akshat and Meher get engaged.


Badtameez Dil 31st Oct 2015 : The episode of Badtameez Dil starts with Doctor telling that the allergy is hereditary. He asks Meher if they are father and son.Meher is shocked and tells him that it’s a coincidence that both of them have the same allergy.Akshat asks him to shift Ishaan to another room and that money is not a problem.Doctor tells him that he will be fine here.Akshat tells him that he doesn’t want his son to be in this room with that man.Doctor tells him that he is the one who has saved their son else anything would have happened.Meher agrees.Devki asks Meher to complete the engagement ritual as Ishaan is fine now.Meher is hesitant but agrees.

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Badtameez Dil 31st Oct 2015 Saturday Full Episode

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Devki is happy.They both get engaged.Abeer gains consciousness and sees Meher sleeping on Ishaan’s bed.He covers her with a blanket and looks on.Meher wakes up and asks if he wants anything.He looks at the ring and says that this rink is Akshat’s and he is Akshat’s son.He asks that where is that Akshat.Meher asks him to leave her hand because it is none of his business.Abeer tells her that he brought Ishaan to the hospital when he got that allergy.Meher asks what does he want.Abeer pulls her closer and tells her that he wants her to throw this ring,come back to him and forget Akshat.Meher pushes him saying that he has gone mad.

She sits and caresses Ishaan.Abeer apologizes and and tells her that he doesn’t have any right on her and one day he will come back to her.He tells her that she will hold his hand and become mine.Meher looks at him surprisingly. Abeer and Ishaan are having breakfast.Abeer says that he never thought that they would have breakfast together.He tells him that he should be thankful to him.Ishaan tells him that he doesn’t want to talk to him and asks him to sleep after breakfast.Nurses come and asks Abeer for his autograph and asks Abeer to sing “Mere Nishan” song.Abeer sings “Mere Nishaan”.Ishaan hears the song and thinks that he might be a singer that’s why he sung so well. Madhavi comes to meet Abeer.Madhavi asks him that why did he eat Kiwi even when he knows that he is allergic to Kiwi.Abeer tells her that he had a juice at Meher’s house.

She looks at Ishaan.Abeer introduces them.Meher comes and asks Ishaan to change his clothes.Ishaan asks about Akshat.Meher tells him that he is busy and asks him to get ready as they are going home.Madhavi asks Meher if she is fine.Meher says yes.Madhavi tells her that she didn’t touch her feet today.Meher apologizes and touches her feet.Abeer tells her that she has started a new life and will marry soon.Madhavi blesses her.Abeer aks her that what is she doing.She will go far from him and aks her to return her blessings.Ishaan comes back after changing clothes.Meher tells Ishaan that Mdahvi is Abeer’s mom.Ishaan tells her that he knows.Meher and Ishaan leave.Ishaan asks her mom that why did she call that lady “Maa”.Meher disagrees.

Badtameez Dil 31st October 2015

Ishaan tells her that she need not make him a fool as he heard her calling her “Maa”.Meher says Okay and aks him to come. Madhavi tells Abeer that Meher’s behaviour is strange.Abeer says that she is behaving like this only.Madhavi feels that there was something bothering her and only a mom can understand.Later Meher searches something Meher in her room.Akshat asks that what is she searching.


Meher tells him that Madhavi met Ishaan today and she has done many sacrifices for Ishaan and her family and says that she can’t lose everything at the last moment.She also tells him that Ishaan asked her that why did she call her mom.Akshat asks her to relax.Meher tells him that Ishaan and Abeer can’t know the truth.She says that she will send Ishaan to boarding school.Akshat tells her that let him know but Ishaan is his son and he will not let his reflection fall on Ishaan.Ishaan comes singing “Mere Nishan” song.Akshat asks him not to sing this song again.Ishaan agrees.

Meher thinks that she can’t ever let this happen..Ishaan and Abeer and leaves. She comes to his studio and breaks his instruments there.Appendix comes and asks that what is she doing.He runs out and calls Abeer.Abeer aks if she has gone mad.Meher pushes him on the floor and he falls down.Meher shows him the engagement ring and tells him that she has perfect family.She tells him that she has person I life who loves her and she doesn’t need him.Abeer tells her that she is lying and she loves him very much.Meher tells him that his love is forced one and he should stay away from her.

She asks him to stop harassing her as she will never love him.Abeer looks on angrily and asks for 8 days.Meher looks surprisingly.Abeer tells her that she doesn’t love her.So he just need 8 days to prove her this else he will never show her his face.Meher tells him that he also asked her for time to prove Akshat wrong but nothing happened.Abeer says that this is for the last timeand he will make her realize her love for him.Meher says that he has so much of confidence and gives him 8 days.She asks him not to show her his face if he proves wrong.Abeer agrees and Meher leaves. Precap: Akshat tells Abeer that he seems excited to take his fiancée to office.Meher goes to get ready.Abeer tells that they are excited.Akshat tells him that Meher is fond of him.Abeer says that let’s see and sings “Le jayenge Le jayenge Dilwale Dulhania” shocking Akshat.

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