Badtameez Dil 5th Nov. 2015: Madhavi came to know about Ishaan’s truth

Badtameez Dil 5th Nov. 2015 Star Plus: The episode starts with Meher thinking about Abeer’s words and gets emotional. She opens her laptop to see her happy times photos with Abeer. Abeer gets teary eyed.Appendix stands to his side. Akshat call Meher and tells her that the Wedding planner wishes to talk to her. Meher tells him that she is busy and will call him later. Meher gets the planner’s call. Meher tells him that she needs arrangements for 100-120 people and food should be both veg and non veg. (see: the Last Episode of Badtameez Dil.)

Abeer hears her and Sees that she is not getting affected.Meher laughs. Abeer calls her as “Sanam Bewafa”. Appendix tells him that she is unaffected and doesn’t care about his marriage. Abeer comes inside her cabin and tells her that she also has to follow the rules. He asks that why is she doing personal work in her office. Meher tells him that she is very busy. Abeer turns her laptop towards himself and sees their photos. He smiles. Meher asks him to leave and calls peon.

Badtameez Dil 5th Nov. 2015

Abeer puts his hand on her mouth and they have an eye lock. Akshat comes to the cabin and asks if she talked to the wedding planner. Meher says yes. Akshat tells her that she is eager to marry her and kisses her on the cheeks before leaving. Abeer holds her closer. Meher tells him that she doesn’t love him. Abeer tells her that he is never gonna believe her becauseI know you love me very much. He tells her that she was seeing their pics as she was missing him.He tells her that he loves her. (watch: Badtameez Dil – All Episodes.)

Meher asks him to leave and he leaves. Kuber tells Sasha that he is very happy as for the first time Abeer has taken the right decision.He also tells her that tomorrow he will throw a big party. Sasha is nervous and tells him that she is still thinking as she is going to marry her best friend. She also says that Abeer just wants to prove something to Meher to make her jealous and that’s sole reason for him to marry her.

Badtameez Dil 5th Nov. 2015

Kuber says that the only that is important is that two people are equal in status. Sasha asks him about Madhavi. Kuber asks him to call Him and Madhavi as Papa and Mumma. He wonders where is Madhavi. Madhavi is in her car and feels that something is not right. She goes to Ishaan’s school and asks for his certificates and birth certificate. The peon asks for his full name and she tells him that he may be Ishaan Raval as his father’s name is Akshat Raval. The peon as her to give some money and goes to get the birth certificate. [see: Diya Aur Baati Hum]

He checks and calls Madhavi telling her there is no Ishaan Raval in this school. Madhavi tells him that he comes to the same school. Peon informs that there is a boy with the name Ishaan Purohit. Madhavi wonders that why does he bear Meher’s surname.Peon takes the printout and gives it to Madhavi. Madhavi thanks him and sees the documents. She is shocked to see Meher’s name as his mom. She wonders that who might beIshaan’s dad then if it is not Akshat. She comes to Meher’s house and asks Suman that where is Meher. Meher asks her that what happened.

Badtameez Dil 5th Nov. 2015

Madhavi asks that where is Ishaan.She tells her that she is searching for his identity and who is the father of her child. She calls for Ishaan and searches for him in the house. Meher and Suman try to stop her. Madhavi goes to Ishaan’s room and sees the bag with his clothes. She tells her that she is sending Ishaan away from them and till when will she keep them away fromIshaan. She shows Ishaan’s school certificate and asks who is his father. She holds her hand and asks her to tell the truth.

She tells her that Ishaan was born nearly after her divorce and if she is thinking right. Meher requests her not to fold her hands and tells her that she can’t tell his father’s name. Madhavi pleads.Meher cries and takes Abeer’s name. Madhavi gets happy and emotional and says it means she is right. Madhavi says that he is Abeer’s son and she has become Dadi. She asks Suman that why did she hide such a big thing for her and if she doesn’t care about their friendship. She tells her that she will never forgive her for this.

Badtameez Dil 5th Nov. 2015

She says that her son Abeer has become a father and that she will inform him.Meher asks Madhavi not to tell Abeer. Madhavi tells her that it is his right to know and tries to leave from there. Meher runs after her, but Suman stops Meher. Meher says that she will stop her and that nothing can end. Madhavi is going back to her house while Meher follows her in the car. Madhavi thinks about the likes of both Ishaan and Abeer.

Meher calls Madhavi and she looks at her phone. Meher is tensed and thinks about her words. Madhavi reaches her house and asks for Abeer. The servant tells her that he might be in his room. Meher also reaches there and thinks of stopping her. Madhavi comes to Abeer’s room. Meher also enters. Madhavi tells her that is Abeer’s right to know. Meher asks her that what about her right and says that she understands her well.

Badtameez Dil 5th Nov. 2015

She tells her that she has a big reason to hide it. She asks her to listen to her once and then she won’t stop her.

Precap: Meher sees Abeer watching their video and smiling. Meher smiles and looks at him. Abeer hears some voice as she moves back and gets up and sees Meher standing. Meher is shocked.

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