Badtameez Dil Episode 110 4th Nov 2015: Abeer decides to get married


Badtameez Dil 4th Nov, Star Plus: The episode of Badtameez Dil starts with Madhavi calling Abeer for breakfast. Abeer asks if he will not get his favorite jam in this house.Servant apologizes and gives him mango jam.Kuber asks him that what is the matter.They see Devki coming with shagun plates. She asks the servants to keep the plates safely.Kuber and Madhavi greet and ask her the purpose of her visit.Devki tells them that she is not very happy about coming there, but she has come to invite them.

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Badtameez Dil 4th Nov Wednesday Full Episode

Badtameez Dil Full Episode: She also tells them that they didn’t get the time to get the cards printed as the decision taken in the hurry.Madhavi asks her that what is she saying.Devki tells them that Meher is getting married, and so she has come personally to invite them.Abeer and Madhavi are shocked.Devki asks Madhavi to teach Abeer how to talk to somebody else’s wife.Abeer tells her that this can’t happen.Devki tells him that this is Meher’s decision, but he tells her that he won’t let this happen.Devki asks Kuber to make him understand else she will send his son to jail.Kuber asks her that how can she threaten them at their house.Devki tells him that it’s a warning for them, and they may come and bless their daughter.She leaves.Kuber tells Abeer that Devki has insulted them in front of his eyes.He asks him to do something right.He also asks him to move on and make a final decision.

Abeer looks on upset.Abeer tells them that he has to move on.Madhavi asks him that where is he going but he leaves in a hurry. Madhavi comes to Meher’s house and sees Suman getting out of the car.She tells her that she called her many times, but she didn’t answer her phone.Suman tells her that she was busy and that she didn’t check her phone.Madhavi tells her that she has told about Meher’s decision by Devki.Suman tells her that whatever she thought about them is not happening.Madhavi asks her to explain the reason for Meher’s decision else it will be too late.Suman looks on helplessly.Madhavi asks her what is she hiding.

Meher sees an envelope in her office.She opens it.Abeer asks her to read the card carefully as it is a marriage invitation card.He tells her that he is going to marry Sasha, and she is going to be his wife.Suman says Madhavi that it’s her misunderstanding that she is hiding something.Just then Ishaan comes running and calls Suman his Nani. Suman gets tensed and asks him to go inside.Madhavi stops him. Abeer tells Meher that he is moving on the way shown by her with Sasha.He tells her that he doesn’t care that whom doesn’t she marry and when.He tells her that one day she will realize and yearn for his love.Madhavi asks Ishaan if he Ishaan.Ishaan agrees and asks her if she is Abeer’s Mom.

Badtameez Dil After Interval

Suman thinks of how to make Ishaan go from here.Madhavi asks Suman that why is he and Meher are trying to stop Ishaan from meeting her.Abeer tells Meher that he is ending the relationship finally.Meher looks on. Madhavi asks Suman that what is she hiding.Suman refuses and tells her that it’s just that she is busy, and her mind is not working. She says she has to go and asks Ishaan to come.Ishaan takes out the jam bottle and asks that why did she bring strawberry jam when he loves Mango jam.Suman takes him inside telling him that she will serve him mango jam and parantha. Madhavi recalls the similarities and recalls that how can they have similarities.Abeer invites Meher to his sangeet and to be on time.Meher looks on.

Badtameez Dil

Abeer drinks wine while Mere Nishan plays.Sasha comes to Abeer and tells him that she wants to ask him something.Abeer tells her that as they are getting married, she can ask him anything.Sasha asks him that does he want to marry her or this some impulsive decision of spontaneous Abeer.Abeer tells her that he won’t lie to her and will keep her happy.Sasha asks him that does he remember that she never accepted any marriage proposals.She tells him that does he know that she could say yes to anyone as she loves him.She confesses her love to Abeer and tells him that she knows what does he want.She asks him to change his decision and promises not to feel sorry.She asks him not to teach Meher a lesson.

Abeer tells her that he is doing this as he wants to move on.He tells her that he is marrying her as he knows that she understands him.He asks her that doesn’t she like her best friend to be his husband.He tells her that they will discuss their marriage when they get old after 30 years.They hug each other. Meher comes out with Akshat and Ishaan to go to the park.Madhavi follows them.Akshat asks Meher that why is she tensed.Meher tells him that Abeer is getting married.She asks him not to misunderstand her and asks him to leave somewhere with Ishaan.She tells him that Abeer and his mom are questioning her about Ishaan.She also tells him that she wants Abeer to marry and settle down.Akshat asks her that why is she worrying about them.Meher tells him that she has done many sacrifices for Ishaan since eight years and once Abeer settles down everything will be okay.

She tries to convince him as they have to keep this secret as of now.Madhavi hears them and wonders about the mysterious and Akshat agrees. Meher comes to office.Abeer is in his studio thinking about Meher.Meher comes to her cabin and recalls when Abeer asked for her hand from Suman and Devki.She recalls his proposal and their romance.He smiles with the thoughts.Meher remembers their wedding and gets restless.Abeer sings the song ”Tanha Main ghooma” and recalls their moments. Precap: Madhavi comes to Ishaan’s school and asks for his birth certificate.She sees Meher’s name as his mom and wonders who is Ishaan’s dad then.She then realizes that Abeer is Ishaan’s dad.

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