Balika Vadhu 12th Oct Episode: Anandi reunites with her daughter but as a stranger

In this episode of Balika Vadhu, when Anandi was in the temple. She spotted Disa and finds out that Disa is in temple to celebrate the eve of Navaratri. Anandi runs towards her daughter who was dancing just a few steps forward in the temple. Nimboli identified Anandi, but as her teacher not as her mother. Nimboli tells Anandi that her mother is an evil and she will not go with her at any cost. Anandi left totally stunned.

Balika Vadhu 13th Oct Episode

Disa threatens her to go to the house with her, else she will tell everything to Nimboli and Nimboli will only hate her. Anandi agrees. Disa puts on the other condition that she will remain the mother of Nimboli, and if Anandi tried to call her; her daughter. Disa will tell the whole truth to Nimboli and she will start hating Anandi.

Later Anandi and Anant accepted the deal. On the other side when Dadisa and Ganga was doing prayer. They got the call of Anandi who was telling them about the situation. Dadisa was little stunned.

[Recap of Balika Vadhu]

When Anandi and Nimboli enters in the house, Nimboli was pretty much surprised to see a huge house. Nimboli asks Disa by calling her mother, this incident left Anandi stunned and Dadisa was shocked to see the behaviour of Disa. 

The episode of Balika Vadhu was much interesting and it would be amazing to see in the upcoming episodes whether the reunion of Nimboli and Anandi will be done as Mother and Daughter ever or they have to remain in distance for the whole life.

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