Balika Vadhu 1st October Thursday Full Episode | Colors TV : Lawyer denied for any help in Akhiraj’s case


Balika Vadhu Thursday Episode: In this episode of Balika Vadhu, Harki tries to kill Kamli but failed to do so. Lawyer denies to give any type of help to Akhiraj and Anandi and Jagya got new proofs about Nandini.

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Balika Vadhu Full Episode

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Balika Vadhu 1st October Episode: Both brothers of Disa were sitting in the lawn and was amazed to see that Kakusaa have make his step outside the bed. They calls Disa and tells her that they will not give share in property to Disa, they inquire Disa about Nimboli. Disa denied and said that she doesn’t need any share in the property from them and Nimboli was Kundan’s first wife. They tells Disa to keep their relation away.

Disa and Nimboli

Constable comes to the jail with Kundan and Akhiraj looked completely stunned. Harki enters into the jail with policemen. Akhiraj begs to the Lawyer to release him at any cost, Lawyer denied for providing any help as Inspector has already given the statement. Lawyer tells not to worry as Kundan will be sent to the Juvenile home only. Akhiraj tells him that they doesn’t have any proofs and bail can be granted on that basis. Inspector informs that Magistrate has taken the statement of Disa in front of MLA and that is sufficent to punish him. Lawyer suggests Akhiraj to accept his crime. Akhiraj goes angry to Harki and asks him why did Kundan has came home, Disa tells that he came to meet me and Kamli make him got arrested. Akhiraj started scolding Harki for stopping killing Kamli and inspector listens this, Harki apologises to him. Akhiraj tells he will kill Kamli also.

Anandi in Balika Vadhu

Disa came to the lawn with Kakusa and tells him that it will be good for his health, Doing the discrimination; brothers of Disa told their daughter Rupa to go in the room. Disa started thinking for another house to go with Nimboli.

Harki enters in the house, goes to the kitchen and took the bottle of Kerosene oil. She spread the kerosene oil on Kamli and said she is going to rectify her mistake of not getting Kamli killed. Kamli started crying and tells that she is her daughter. Harki was about to fire her then Pushkar comes and stops her. Urmila and Chagani was also there. Harki took the burning wood and move towards Pushkar and Kamli. Harki throws the firewood away and says that her hands were shaking, Kamli tells its mother love for daughter and she can’t kill her. Kamli asks her to leave supporting anymore. Urmila comes and uuplifts Kamli, Harki started crying.

When the mother of Rupa was feeding her with own hand. Nimboli smiles to see the love of mother and daughter. Disa took a chance of that and tells that Nimboli’s mother is stone hearted and she doesn’t care of her. Disa started feeding Numboli. Disa asks her to call her Maa from today, Nimboli denies and says I can call you Disa Maa or Maa Disa. Nimboli calls Maa and Disa goes emotional of it. Nimboli says Disa to remind her when she will forget to call her Maa.

Precap of Balika Vadhu:

Disa make a call to Akhiraj’s house to inform about their situation, Disa thinks she is talking to Kamli and tells her that she is on Sarora village right now, Harki listens this.

Jagya who was tapping their call came to know about it, and asks Anandi to leave for Sarora Village, Disa and Nimboli tries to escape but Anandi sees them hiding behind the tractor and runs towards them.

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