Balika Vadhu 24th September 2015 Thursday Full Episode Colors TV : Anandi will meet her daughter


Balika Vadhu 24th September 2015 Written Full Episode : In the Episode of Balika Vadhu on Colors TV it was pretty much sure that Anandi is going to meet her daughter again after years of separation, Anandi will meet her daughter in the Sunday Special Episode on Colors TV

Balika Vadhu is Indian Television Serial focused on Adverse effects of Child Marriage and telecasted on Colors TV

Balika Vadhu 25th September Friday Full Episode | Colors TV : Jagya finds Nimboli

Recap of Balika Vadhu – 23rd September episode

Balika Vadhu Thursday full Episode transcript

Balika Vadhu 24th September episode starts with introspection of Kishore with Jagiya at the Police station, Kishore introduces himself as a friend of Anandi and tells that Anandi has told him about Jagiya. Inspector tries to lock Kishore in the locker, but Jagiya intervenes. Inspector accuses that Kishore is arrested for molesting a small girl, but Kishore refers it as a trap of Akhiraj. Kishore explains his horrific story of finding the mark in Nimboli’s neck and tell the whole truth. Kishore gave his explanation that how Akhiraj has framed wrong charges against him to get himself free, Akhiraj looks stunned.

Kishore tells Jagiya that “The police officers are molesting me and telling me to own a crime which I hadn’t done. Kishore said that even took Nimboli’s thumb impression on the statement that Kishore is innocent. After listening to the truth, everyone seems stunned there and Senior Inspector slaps Junior and asked him for the reason why he had done this, Junior explains it to be an Akhiraj pressure which makes him do this. The charges are being framed because the inspector is with the opposition group, Akhiraj said. Jagya interviews Kishore and ask him to stop, he scolded for the increase in crime rate again and again.  Jagiya says I think that this is your last crime, but your crimes do come in front of me again and again and make me shame.He says that.

Disa and Nimboli in Balika Vadhu

Inspector orders his team to arrest Kundan as soon as possible, but when the police was about to go Harki and Kundan listened everything and have a successful escape, Kundan starts crying and says that he doesn’t want to arrest. “I will die but wouldn’t let anyone touch you” Harki says this and tells Kundan to hide in the Akhiraj friend’s house. Jagiya and Disa were coming together in the Jagiya’s car, seeing this Harki started getting tensed. Jagiya has assured Kishore will be free as soon as the legal formalities will be completed.


Jagya explains the crimes of Akhiraj to the magistrate and takes Disa’s statement. Disa has given the statement against Akhiraj and tells about his crimes. Jagya explains the magistrate how he could support Akhiraj if Disa doesn’t come in correct time, Jagiya asked Disa her name. Disa tells Mangla. Jagya gets a call and he went away to attend the call. Magistrate takes the statement of Disa. Jagya received the call from ganga where he explains ganga about the situation and the crimes of Akhiraj Singh, Jagiya assures her that everything will be fine

Ganga Calls Jagiya – Balika Vadhu

Kishore starts crying and fell on Jagiya’s feet in order to thankful to him, Jagiya also thanked him for giving the right direction of the case. Meanwhile, Inspector comes and tells about their failure to arrest Kundan. He says we will not let Kundan go at any cost. Jagya starts thinking that Kundan has got hint that he is going to arrest and because of that he made the successful escape from here.

Kishore promises Jagya to keep going his mission to provide education to children, Jagiya supports him. Magistrate tells Jagya that he has taken Disa’s statement and she can leave now.Jagiya asks her to come in Jeep and he will drop her to the house. [Scene Changed].Kamli opens the box of Gopal in which one handkerchief of Gopal was there, which reminds her about the attack on Gopal and she starts crying.

Kamli Starts telling herself that Gopal I know that you could not come back with the Akhiraj’s arrest, But she is happy though as She have fulfilled the promise. Nimboli hears her cry and comes near her and says that you will get some revenge today, Kamli starts crying and hugs Nimboli

Precap of Sunday Special Episode of Balika Vadhu 

Anandi will Meet her daughter this Sunday, don’t forget to visit The Reporter Times for Full coverage of Anandi Meet Nimboli – Balika Vadhu Sunday Special

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