Balika Vadhu 27th September 2015 Maha Episode | Colors TV: Nandini Kidnapped again


Balika Vadhu 27th September 2015: BV is Indian Television serial which telecasts on Colors TV. This show has completed its 2000 episodes. Today’s was a Sunday special 2000th special episode in which Nandini got kidnapped again. Check out the highlights below.

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Balika Vadhu 27th September 2015 Sunday Special Episode

Jagya and Anandi were searching for Nimboli and Disa at the bus station. The police were also helping them by showing the photograph to the people. Nimboli tells Disa that she has not drank water from a very long time and feeling very thirsty. Disa knocks the door of a house and asks them to hide them for 5 minutes. Police was searching from them very carefully by showing the photographs. Disa asks the man to hide them in a room for some time. The man agrees to hide them in a room when Disa tells that her life is in Danger.

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Anandi, Jagya and Anant were in the car and Anandi sees the photo of Nimboli ‘I just want to know about my Nimboli’. When police the house where Disa was hiding, the man got angry to the policeman. Police go from that house. Disa shows gratitude to Man for saving them. The man claims that they are Banjaran and pray to god that they will remain safe. Disa ignores the question of Nimboli seeking the reason of hiding there.

Harki starts crying badly in memory of Kundan and Harki asks her to bring Kundan in front of everyone, Harki says that Kundan has done wrong and everyone knows that. He may get caught soon; police is searching for him. Harki then started blaming Kamli and says that She is responsible for the arrest of Akhiraj and its a mistake of him to save you guys after the death of your inlaws. And yes I have also done a mistake by saving you from Akhiraj’s anger. Harki tries to attack Kamli by saying that you should have been killed with Gopal. Kamli says that Harki is now becoming more like a criminal like Akhiraj.

Balika Vadhu 27th September 2015

Disa and Nimboli were departing in the bus and the police stars coming from the back, the bus departed. Nimboli keeps asking that why we are hiding from the police, Disa answers that Akhiraj has sent some bad policeman to arrest them. Jagya asks the Inspector to ask all in the bus by showing the photo. When Disa sees Anandi coming towards them, she hugs Nimboli. Anant shows the photo to the conductor and came to know that they have departed from the bus few moments before. Anant informed Jagya about this. Disa and Nimboli look for another bus, but that was already full so they climbed to the rooftop of that bus.

Balika Vadhu After Interval

Anant shows the photo to the conductor and comes to know that they got down the bus. He informs Jagya. Nimboli says I understood why did we left the bus as Police came here. Disa says we will take this bus. Conductor gets the bus and tells that the bus is full of passengers and asks them to take another bus. Disa thinks Jagya and Anandi will return soon, so they have to take this bus only. They climb and sit on the car’s rooftop.

Anandi in Balika Vadhu

Ganga informs Dadisaa that Jagya came to know about Nandini. She says Jagya called Anandi there. She says Nimboli is Anandi’s Nandini and tells Akhiraj is the one who had kidnapped Nandini. Dadisaa asks her to call Anandi. Ganga calls Jagya. Jagya gives the call to Dadisaa. Anandi cries and tells that she didn’t get her daughter as Akhiraj’s bhabhi eloped with her. She says we were searching them. Dadisaa says why did she elope with her. Anandi says Mangla ji loves Nandini and told about Akhiraj’s doings. She says Mangla ji might be afraid that we will take away Nandini and that’s why eloped with her. Dadisaa asks about Shivam. Anandi says Nidhi is with Shivam, and Anant is with them. She says we are going to Police station to meet Akhiraj, may be we get some clue about Mangla. Dadisaa says okay and says Mangla should understand your pain.


The bus stopped at the police checking spot and Inspector asks the constables to search in the bus. Nimboli and Disa were at the rooftop, Disa covers herself and Nimboli with a tarpaulin cover, Constable goes on the rooftop and thinks no one is here. Constable thinks he have listened to the voice of Disa and again goes there but couldn’t find anyone, he thinks that it was only an illusion. Inspector orders to let the bus go, Disa and Nimboli together took a long breath.

Disa and Nimboli in Balika Vadhu 27th September 2015

Kamli asks Pushkar to come in her room. Harki goes angry after seeing that, Harki said that she has forgotten the beatings of her father on Pushkar issue. Harki says that her father will kill you both when he will come back. Kamli says that she is living in illusion and Akhiraj is not going to come back ever. She says that Kundan will also get arrested soon and will not be back ever. Harki tells that Disa has also flown with Nimboli leaving her alone in the house. Kamli says that you didn’t know what has happened before Disa left.

Kamli tells her that when Disa was packing her bag, Kamli asks her that what is happening here and Disa explains that Jagya is here to break the relation of Disa and Nimboli and that’s why she is taking away her, Kamli asks why and then Disa answers that Anandi is the real mom of Nimboli and Jagya told her this; her name is Nandini, not Nimboli. A flashback was shown where Jagya tells her that the daughter of Anandi is none other than Nimboli herself.

Kamli says that but Jagya has promised that they will not separate Nimboli from them. Kamli asks Disa about her plan of saving Nimboli from getting away with Jagya. Kamli gives more heat to the inspirations of Disa by saying that Disa is the one who has protected her for years, Anandi has given only birth to her, but Disa is the one who saved her life and have first right on Nimboli. Nimboli is the daughter of Disa, this makes Disa thinks again of what to do. Kamli gives her money and asks her to go from here and save Nimboli. Kamli thanks her for accepting this and wishes them a good journey together.

When Jagya comes to the police station, constable informs Akhiraj that MLA wants to meet him. Akhiraj gets happy and thinks that Jagya wants to give him a chance again for proving himself. When Jagya comes, Akhiraj says that he is grateful that Jagya has given him one more chance, Akhiraj lied again that people have created all controversy against him, he takes god’s swear that he would not do anything wrong in his life again. Jagya says that god is may be going to forgive him for his wrongdoings. But one mother is never going to leave you for sure, then Akhiraj sees Anandi coming from the other side and he recalls everything of Kundan’s marriage. Anandi comes near him angry and Akhiraj left stunned.

Precap of Balika Vadhu

Anandi slaps Akhiraj and grabs her collar and asks him where the Disa has kidnapped her daughter, Akhiraj says that it was his master plan and he wants his release in exchange of Nandini.

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