Balika Vadhu 28th September 2015 Monday Episode | Colors TV: Akhiraj goes confident


Balika Vadhu Monday Full Episode: BV is an Indian television program which telecasts on Colors TV every Monday to Friday. In this episode Anandi is scared of losing her daughter, it’s the second time she was not able to identify her.

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Balika Vadhu 28th September 2015

Jagiya was in police station with Anandi and Akhiraj takes the promise of Devimaa that he would not do anything wrong in his life ever again. Jagya tells him that Devimaa may forget you but one mother is not going to forgive you. Then Anandi enters in anger, grabs his collar and slaps him hard. Akhiraj is totally stunned after seeing her., Akhiraj tries to attack her back but constable and Jagiya stops him. Anandi says that god has given all the answers of her questions today. Anandi says that you snatched my little daughter from me and get her married and today god has snatched everything from you.

Akhiraj looks helpless but confident; Anandi asks her about her daughter, where is my daughter. Anandi asks her that where did Mangala has taken her daughter. Anandi holds the collar of Akhiraj while asking this. Akhiraj thinks it as a good chance and tells that I am not stupid who is going you to tell this easily. Akhiraj says that it was the masterplan of Akhiraj and Mangla has eloped with Nimboli on my directions.

Jagya tells him that Mangla hates you and she is not going to follow you. Akhiraj asks for his bail in return of the daughter of Anandi. Akhiraj warns him that if she would not agree, he will get Nimboli get married with a old man in marker. Anandi goes angry and grabs his collar tightly. Jagya calms down Anandi and tells that he is completely lying. Akhiraj passes smile to Anandi when she was looking at him.

Anandi lately starts going worried about Nimboli and says that she doesn’t know whether Akhiraj is lying or he is telling the truth. Anandi is tensed and says that she have to know that where did Mangla has taken her daughter and what Mangla is going to do with her daughter. Jagya tells that he is pretty much sure that Mangla is not going to hurt Nimboli as she loves her very much. Anandi asks Jagya that where should they found her. Jagya tells her that we should return to Jaitser for now and plan there.


Balika Vadhu After Interval

Anandi refuses him to leave Jhalra without her daughter. Jagya again approacher her to return to the Jaitser and then decide what to do next. Jagya received the call of Dadisa. Ganga comes and asks Dadisa to get in bed as its late now. Anant also says that Jagya is right, they comes back. Anandi comes back and hugs Dadisa first and starts crying. Dadisaa assures her that everything would be fine soon and not to worry. Anandi says that Nandini was in front of her and she missed her by that much. Mannu comes from back and listened everything happening there. Anandi tells Dadisaa about the condition of her daughter at Akhiraj’s house.

Disa and Nimboli – Balika Vadhu 28th September 2015

Dadisaa says that the Anandi is very strong that she had faced too much problems in her short life. Dadisaa added that we will get her daughter with us very soon. Ganga says we are going to meet Nandini very soon. Anandi also added that she would do anything to find her daughter . Anandi says that she will go back to Shiv Niketan. Dadisaa approaches her to stay tonight at Badi Haveli, Ganga also insists. Anandi says Shivam is alone there, Anant says that he will drop Shivam to badi haveli. Jagya says I can go with Shivam to bring Shivam. Anandi says them not to say about this to Shivam and all agrees. Anandi again started crying thinking of Nandini and when she saw Nandini with Disa.

Anandi says to Shivam that we have not get Nandini yet when Shivam asks her about Nandini. Anandi added that the girl was not Nandini and a different girl. Shivam asks that whether we will get Nandini ever or not. Anandi says that god has shown the way and they will get her very soon. Shivam says that we will have fun together. Dadisaa also cheers up Anandini and Anandi keeps her head on Dadisaa shoulder for night.

Precap of Balika Vadhu:

Harki comes to meet Akhiraj in Police Station with excuse of giving the lunch and tells about the Jagya and Anandi’s raid of their house in search of Nimboli.

Akhiraj says that they should not find Nandini at any cost, Anandi promises Shiv that she will bring Nandini back to their house soon. Disa reached someone house with Nimboli and starts smiling.

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