Balika Vadhu 30th September Wednesday Full Episode | Colors TV : Police arrests Kundan with help of Kamli

Balika Vadhu 30th September Episode: Balika Vadhu is Indian Television Serial which telecasts on Colors TV. In this episode of Balika Vadhu, Kundan got caught by police and Kamli and Urmila hugs each other. To know how and why read the full episode

Recap: Balika Vadhu 29th September Episode

Balika Vadhu Full Episode

Balika Vadhu 1st October Thursday Full Episode | Colors TV: Lawyer denied for any help in Akhiraj’s case

Balika Vadhu Wednesday Episode: Kundan is at the house of Akhiraj’s friend. Kundan is planning for an escape from there as he has been irritated by spending time in a house where cows live with them. Nimboli is sitting outside the house of Disa’s Kakusa and the Dasi asks her whether she is missing anyone, Nimboli replies that she is missing everyone Kamli, Harki, Kundan and all. Nimboli asks Disa that why her brothers are angry and rude with her, Disa replies that it’s same since her childhood. Disa goes inside to look after Kakusa. Kundan had escaped from the cow’s shade hiding his face, then when he goes out. He sees two policemen patrolling there, Kundan takes cycle nearby and starts running away.

Mannu came to Jagya room, fall on his feets and started crying. Manna tells Jagya that he have realised his mistake and he is very sorry for that. Mannu says that it was his last mistake. Jagya looked stunned. Mannu tells him that I have listened talks of Anandi in the room secretly and now I am the shame of myself by marring at an early age. Mannu promises that he will do whatever Jagya and Ganga will tell him to do. Jagya holds him and gives him a hug.


Disa comes to the Kakusa room with a bottle of oil to massage him. Disa sees dirty clothes hanging everywhere and the room is full of dust. The floor was leaking because of the ground water. Kakusaa tells him that as he has grown old the servents have started disrespecting him and he couldn’t do the work himself. Disa tells that now I had come and I will take care of you, Kakusa asked who will take care of him when she will go, Disa replied that until she is here she will take care of everything.

Balika Vadhu After Interval

Harki was missing Kundan and expected that Kundan was having food in the Akhiraj friend’s house now. The door knocked suddenly, Harki opened the door and Kundan was there. On being asked why he has come here, Kundan replied that he couldn’t spend his life in cow’s shed. Harki remain shocked. Harki explains him the plans of Akhiraj to kill Disa and Nimboli and tell him that Disa and Nimboli have flown away, Harki tells him about the real mother of Nimboli and says that police is tracing Kundan. Kamli spotted them planning something.

Balika Vadhu 30th September 2015

Anandi was telling to Dadisa that we have not found a single clue about Nandini yet, Dadisa told her to have faith in god and be calm. Kamli calls Jagya and informs him about the Kundan presence in the house. Jagya immediately calls the inspector to send the police force there to arrest Kundan. Kamli closed all doors and windows of the house while Harki was preparing the food for Kundan. When Harki was making Kundan eat the food from her hand, Kamli started commenting that have some shame and surrender to police, Harki asks Kundan to start running. When Kundan was running Kamli once tried to stop her and then Kundan got caught by police. Kundan starts crying and tell them to leave him. Harki started cursing Kamli and begging to the inspector. Harki says Kamli is responsible for all this and inspector should arrest her. Inspector took Kundan with him.

Then in the house, Kamli apologised to Urmila for getting his husband arrested to the police, Urmila says its fine and Kundan deserves this much of punishment. Urmila hugs Kamli. Inspector started beating Akhiraj and forcing him to accept the crime. Akhiraj keeps chanting that all the fault was of Disa and he has not done anything wrong in gis life. Akhiraj tells the inspector that he is innocent and he has not committed any crime. Then Constable enters with Kundan, Akhiraj left stunned and shout “Kundan”. Kundan starts begging to Akhiraj to save him, Akhiraj insists inspector to fee Kundan. Inspector tells him that it’s his duty to judge not his. Akhiraj looks angrily to the inspector.

Precap of Balika Vadhu:

Disa calls Jhalra home and Pushkar picked up the call, Harki takes the call silently from Pushkar and asks him to go. Disa tells that She is in her home village with her Kakusa Jagya comes to know about it through call tapping and ask Anandi to come in the car as they have found the village where Nandini is.

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