Balika Vadhu 7th Oct Episode: Kundan to be appeared in Court, Disa got a new home


Balika Vadhu 7th Oct: In this episode of Balika Vadhu, Kundan was taken to the Juvenile court for his appearance in front of the judge. And Disa got a new home to stay with Nimboli and start her new life again.

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Balika Vadhu 7th Oct Wednesday’s Episode

Balika Vadhu 9 Oct Episode

Anandi comes back to her home, Shivam starts asking for Nandini. Anandi says We have tried our best but couldn’t find her. Anandi apologises to Shivam. Shivam was sad of this. Anandi and Dadisa were talking, Anandi asks Dadisa that she have no idea why god is doing all this with her. Dadisa tells Anandi to have some faith in god and meditate in front of the God. Dadisa prays to god to return Nandini back to Anandi as she has done so much help for villagers and stopped numerous child marriages. This type of treatment is unfair. Dadisa decided to pray only after Nandini and Anandi will unite.

Disa was in the house of Geeta, Disa told the initial part of Nimboli life with full truth to Geeta. But when Geeta asks her about escaping. Disa turns and tells that the house was no more self for them. Disa asks Geeta about her own husband. Geeta tells her that her husband is out now and will be back after 2 days. When asked about the future plans, Disa said I will only take care of Nimboli and will work hard to give her a prosperous life. They slept when Disa awake she found Nimboli working with Geeta in Kitchen.

Balika Vadhu After Interval

Disa was taking the bath at Geeta’s house. Meanwhile, husband of Geeta comes and start peeping in the bathroom expecting Geeta was there. He sees Disa in the bathroom. Disa also sees him. Disa starts shouting and Nimboli comes and scold husband of Geeta for peeping in the bathroom. Geeta comes and tells his husband that it was her friend Disa who comes to stay with them for few days. Her husband allows her to stay there for the time she wants. Disa and Nimboli also enter the room, Geeta shows her the bangles and tells the whole story to Disa. He also apologises to Disa for looking her at that way. Geeta’s husband decided to stay at home for few more days as he thinks it’s not good to leave such a special guest alone in the house.


It was morning at juvenile home, Inspector gives orders to wake up everyone there. Kundan was still sleeping. Inspector goes to him and wakes up because today his hearing is going to take place. Harki and Kundan were at Juvenile court, Kundan was bought by the police. Harki and Kundan start begging to the constable to allow them once at least to hug each other, meanwhile Anandi and Anant also enters in the court. Flashback was shown off the interaction of Anandi with Urmila, Kundan and Harki. Anandi goes angry of remembering this all. Harki falls on feets of Anandi to forgive his son and accept the plea as a mom. Anandi gives advice to Harki to stop feeling proud of her son, as he is a criminal and assures her that Kundan will get the punishment definitely.

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Precap of Balika Vadhu:

Prosecution lawyer claims that Kundan is accused because of molesting his 2 underage wives. Papers were handled to the judge and meanwhile Harki again lies that her son is innocent and it’s all a trap.

Balika Vadhu is an Indian Television Serial which telecasts on Colors TV.

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