Balika Vadhu : No hopes for Anandi and Disa makes another successful escape again in 5th oct episode

Balika Vadhu Monday Episode: Balika Vadhu is an Indian Entertainment Serial in this episode of Balika Vadhu many ironies came true. But the most obvious part is Disa and Nimboli make their 2nd escape successful. This episode of Balika Vadhu was satisfactory interesting but exceeding its length unnecessarily

Recap : Balika Vadhu Friday Episode

Balika Vadhu 5th Oct Full Episode

Balika Vadhu 6th Oct EpisodeĀ 

Kamli informs Chagani about the fact that information has been passed to Harki and she might get Disa and Nimboli kidnapped, on listening to this Chagani has informed her brother in the same Sarora Village and tell him to inform Disa. As soon as Disa got informed about this, she took Nimboli with herself giving the excuse of leaving for the market. They spotted a truck, where helper and the driver were discussing to leave in around next 5 mins, Disa took this as an opportunity and secretly enters in the cart of the truck.

Balika Vadhu

A song started playing on background while Anandi and Jagya were searching for Nimboli and Disa in the village, Disa and Nimboli felt asleep in the truck. Moving house to house Anandi and Jagya reached the house of Kakusa. Disa’s brother opens the door and tells them everything and that too that Disa has left for Pushkar with Nimboli. Jagya tells that she is lying and he should tell police about any update. Kakusa goes emotional and started crying when he came to know about deeds of Disa like kidnapping, Kakusa remembers the care of Disa.

Balika Vadhu After Interval

Disa tells Nimboli to wait for some time to let the things go normal again, as Nimboli was missing her soul sister Kamli and Pushkar. Disa tells that its important for her security, Disa tells Nimboli to fell asleep on the grass. Suddenly Driver applied the breaks and Nimboli go hurt, Nimboli starts crying and Driver and Helper notice that someone is crying. They went down and see Disa and Nimboli were sitting, he recalls the moment when Anandi shows him the photo. Disa tells him a fake story to run away. The driver tells them that he need money when he will drop them.

Jagya started assuring Anandi that everything would be fine and offered him to drop her home. But Anandi refuses to go to the home without accompanying Nandini with her. A truck driver has seen them and informed Inspector, Inspector informs Jagya about that But in the Dhaba where the police constable and truck driver have the plan to grab them, they ran away in a meanwhile. Constable goes up in the truck and has no luck with it. Jagya and Anandi started asking people nearby about them.

Disa and Nimboli were running hard to find any place to him. Nimboli asks her to stop as she was tired of being running too much. Disa tells her that the truck driver and helper have planned them to get arrested to the police. Nimboli gives up and says I can take it anymore. Disa sees a temple and tells Nimboli to go there and have some food there.

Harki was cooking something in the kitchen, meanwhile Kamli comes to her. Kamli comes to Harki while she is busy in the kitchen. Kamli was planning to know her plan by playing the tricks, but Harki said that she doesn’t care what Nimboli and Disa do. Chagani informs her about the incidents which have taken place in the native village of Disa.

Jagya was making a new plan to grab Disa and Nandini back to them, Anandi says that she would return after she will meet her daughter. Anandi bows to the God and heard the temple bell and then sit in the car, Jagya and Anandi was seeing the same temple in which Disa and Nimboli were hiding. Nimboli and Disa started eating prasad after taking it from Pandit ji.

Precap of Balika Vadhu:

Jagya and Anandi decided to pray to the god in the same temple and visited there. Disa and Nimboli who are unaware of this fact, keep hiding there

Overview : This episode of Balika Vadhu was indeed interesting but many viewers are demanding for something new and producers should also focus on that.

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  1. There are tons of episodes in balika vadhu but all useless not interesting at all now they should stop this bakvas unneseccery they are doing extensions they don’t think what viewers like now last all running a outs after daughter and disa is so boring can you imagine last four episodes are same because they can’t find new story such a bad story
    What is there if mother and daughter meet ? Why they are thinking that it is interesting for finding in last four episodes oh god give them some brain
    Hope colors do something to stop this nonsense story