BIG BLOW TO SHIRISH KUNDER: YouTube Takes Down ‘KRITI’ for copyright claim by Aneel Neupane


Often we associate the richness of a person with his ultimate exploitation of poors in our society. But YouTube has taken a decision which will shock the complete bollywood industry. Shirish Kunder’s production ‘Kriti’ has been taken down from social video website, YouTube at 11:00 PM IST. This is unique case where on being proved by the nepalese director Aneel Neupane and the proofs submitted by him actually worked.

Kriti was praised by many movie critics along with Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and Aam Aadmi Party leader Kumar Vishwas openly on twitter.

The story begins a week ago with the release of ‘Kriti’ movie. The exactly similar story was seen in Aneel’s low budget production ‘Bob’ which was released earlier. As Shirish hadn’t taken any consultation with the owner of Bob movie, Neupane claims on Facebook that it was his work and he was not able to do proper marketing because of lack of money.

Many Indian Media houses India Today, Storypick, Scoopwhoop came along with the Nepalese man to raise his voice.

According to Media reports on Monday, Shirish however, later issued a legal notice to the filmmaker for wrong claims. Shrish told in his notice that “unconditional written apology” should be given to him by the filmmaker. And he also stated that he had never seen any such video.

Notice was read as “Kunder completed shooting the film in February 2016. It then went into post-production and was published on June 22, 2016.”


Throwing his frustration on Kunder, he added ‘Now, I have no idea how to go about on this. I’m angry not because Mr.Shirish Kunder practically stole the plot and made it into his film. I’m angry because We didn’t even have lunch money while shooting BOB, and a spot boy for Kriti probably made more money than BOB’s entire budget. My team and I didn’t work our asses off just so some rich dude from India could turn it into this and get away with it. That’s just not fair.’

Anees had written on his counterpart, ‘We had the film ready in October 2015. I had uploaded it on Vimeo as a private video to share it with close friends. You can see here ) that the video is 7 months old.’

-A psychiatrist is trying to help a young schizophrenic patient win over his imagination with some rather unconventional methods.

BOB – A Short Film by Aneel Neupane from Aneel Neupane on Vimeo.

People from Nepal and India had helped the filmmaker in reporting ‘Kriti’ video which had crossed 2.5 million likes on YouTube.

As the matter is of international discipline, it would be interesting to see the very next action by the Honable court.

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