Bigg Boss 10 19th Nov 2016 Day 34 Episode: Mouni Roy joins Salman Khan; Om Swami Cries

Bigg Boss 10 elimination
Bigg Boss 10 elimination

Salman Khan returns to the Bigg Boss 10 stage to rule the TV again for day 34. He has come with Weekend Ka Vaar. Below are the live updates from the today’s episode of BB10 19th Nov. 2016 for you in case you are not able to watch it live on Colors TV, YouTube, or Voot as of now.

Bigg Boss 10 19th November 2016 Day 34 Episode

Salman announced one of the most shocking for the TV and BB fans. It was the double elimination which he revealed to the audience but kept it a secret for the contestants. The weekend episode has arrived after a series of long wait filled with tough tasks and endless fights.

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Tonight’s episode started with Salman giving some morality lessons to the housemates. Salman revealed a video in which Swami Om was requesting the host to not to unveil his reality to the fellow contestants. Let’s see how Om Ji, the self-styled Godman would be able to save himself now.

Also, the host had a discussion regarding a fight which created storm inside the house. Salman was seen upset about the Swami Om’s comment regarding Mona Lisa. He told Swami that he hasn’t got any right to voice his opinion on anyone’s character.

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Moreover, Salman also put rest of the male contestants in the spotlight. He said that he was extremely disappointed as nobody didn’t stand up for Monalisa when Swami hurled lewd comments at her. He made them realize their mistake and apologized for not being supportive enough.

The drama reached par when contestants had to choose the Khalnayak of the week. Swami and Manveer got the top 2 spots and gave each other a tough fight. Salman again criticized Swami as he didn’t support his teammates during the Lock Down luxury budget task.


Salman Khan against reprimanded Swami about making comments on anyone’s dressing. He had made lewd comments on the clothing choice of Nitibha Kaul and Mona Lisa in the past week. Swami presented comments in his defense and said he became a victim of the circumstances. Soon, he started sobbing on the screen.

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Salman didn’t want to hear his clarification and warned him not to make such comments again in the future. Then, the host revealed that he felt disappointed when none from Karan Mehra, Rahul Dev, and Rohan stood up against Swami Om. Monalisa was also unhappy when Rahul didn’t support her.

However, the host appreciated Lopamudra Raut as she took a stand for what’s right. The lady took commendable actions. Then, he moved to newly made captain Rohan and his unfair decision-making abilities.

After a while, Mouni Roy came on the stage and broke the seriousness. She danced on the song Ki Kariye Nachna Aaonda Nahin from her latest movie Tum Bin 2. She tried to teach Salman the steps of her famous Naagin dance and made him a villain for a fun little game. She completely entertained the audience. Later on, Mouni spoke about the movie.

Soon, Salman dropped the bomb and annouced the Karan Mehra’s elimination. Rohan Mehra who is close to Karan broke down into tears. The episode ended.

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