Bigg Boss 10 1st December 2016 Episode 47 Day: Find What Happened Between Manu, Manveer and Mona

Bigg Boss 10 1st December 2016
Bigg Boss 10 1st December 2016

Bigg Boss 10 1st December 2016 Episode: The Bigg Boss 10 Episodes are reaching the level of anxiety this season. Unprecedented return of Priyanka Jagga had just shocked the whole house and audience as well. Experts believe she had taken the return because of never ending a partnership with Swami Omji. Bani J finally came into her kickass avatar after holding up her beats for such a long time. Bigg Boss 10 1st December 2016 is going to be on the peak as less than half journey of BB is remaining.

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Because of Priyanka come back in the house, black clouds had been started on the heads of Mona and Manu Punjabi’s friendship. The last episode of Bigg Boss was all about two tasks which were given to the contestants.

Luxury Budget Task: In this task, constants are needed to cycle the entire night. This task was necessary for continuous supply in the house. Unexpected response observed from Bani as she left the task of mid being a gym freak. The alarms go off afterward.

Bani was irritated for not receiving any type of appreciation from the fellow colleges. She multiple times had highlighted the same thing indirectly last week. Adding the more to that, Karan Mehra missed since his elimination from the house. She decided to share her feelings with Rahul Dev who didn’t respond to the answers very well.

Priyanka is also back in the house as wild card entry to make Mona’s life more miserable. She keeps on hitting Manu Punjabi leaving Mona jealous and insecure. Priyanka’s appearance in the show was totally a disaster in Mona and Manu getting close to each other. Mona also goes to the next level and highlighted on the television that Priyanka is married with 2 kids and should mind the way to behave on the national television.

Bigg Boss 10 1st December 2016

It appears to be a preplanned political drama in the house. There are instances where Bigg Boss modifies what is going to be telecast and what is not. Priyanka couldn’t be stopped even by the harsh words, and Mona could reach any level to save her ‘friend’ or more than ‘friend.’ That would be seen in the ending episodes.

The drama begins as Om Swami started crying to get his things done. Last time he literally started begging to Sahil, every day not to empty the test tube. Being a squib everyday job in the show but now he is getting the next level to score sympathy points in Bigg Boss 10 1st December 2016 Episode 47.

In Bigg Boss 10 1st December 2016 episode some unexpected things are going to happen. As we expected there is a fight between Manu and Mona but the third person is Manveer. The locals are fighting themselves. In the Season 10 of Bigg Boss, no argument had been done within the team and from this, the wall of separation will be founded. They got furious to each other resulting a fight over the captaincy task discussion.

Bigg Boss 10 1st December 2016

The fight between Mona, Manu and Manveer is going to open up new doors of opportunity for Priyanka. Somehow, her influence had also made all the contestants fighting with each other. The captaincy task discussion reached a level where Mona Lisa had shown her willingness to leave the show because of repeated arguments. The today’s episode of Bigg Boss 10 would also be interesting to decide who is going to compete whom for the captaincy in the house.

There are bad news for contestants in Bigg Boss 10 1st December 2016 episode as well. The challengers for the Cycling task were exhausted earlier and now they will start vowing for some rest. As the cycling would be stopped, the basic supplies will also come to an end.

As Bani is showing dogged determination to continue cycling she is going to have a hot argument with Lopa. There were total two fights in the today’s episode which would be taken by Salman Khan in the weekend episode.

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