Bigg Boss 10 20th Nov. 2016 Day 35 Episode Written Update: Alia Bhatt and Shahrukh Khan Promotes Dear Zindagi

Bigg Boss 10 20th November 2016 Day 35 Episode
Bigg Boss 10 20th November 2016 Day 35 Episode

Bigg Boss 10 20th November 2016 Day 35 Episode: The high drama celebrity reality TV show, Bigg Boss, is getting mixed responses for its season 10. This is weekend, and it means Weekend Ka Vaar with Salman Khan. It comes with double vaar this time due to double elimination (eviction).

Karan Mehra got eliminated on Saturday while one more will get evicted on Sunday, today. Below are the live updates if you aren’t able to watch it live on TV or online via Jio TV, Colors TV, YouTube, or any other means. This week has been a surprising one as it witnesses two evictions rather than the usual one. Who do you think is the other contestant to move out?

Bigg Boss 10 20th November 2016

Salman Khan, the host, made a smashing entry on one of his songs. He revealed to contestants that one more of them would get eliminated. Then, he started with a fun little time including jokes. After a while, he welcomed Alia Bhatt. She revealed that she likes commoners more.

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The Bigg Boss contestants welcomed her inside the house. She liked Manu Punjabi the most and played games with him. She used a really cheesy pickup line on him. Then, the contestants tried their hands with pick up lines on Alia. She liked Manveer’s line the best.

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However, she declared Manu the winner and sung Aye Zindagi song for all of them. Later on, she played Samundar Se Kabbadi with the housemates as taught by her life coach Shahrukh Khan. Manu won it too. Alia made M Punjabi listen to a voice message by his mommy.

Bigg Boss 10 20th November 2016 Day 35 Episode

Rohan too got a message from his daddy. Alia played one more game. It was a slight controversial. She picked Nitibha to name a person who fits into the saying “Chor Ki Dadhi Mei Tinka.” Nitibha named Swami Om and contestants started targeting him.


Lopamudra and Bani fought again, and Bani said that Karma would bite her soon. Alia picked three top contestants as Manu, Gaurav, and Lopa. Then, Salman mimicked Shah Rukh Khan and asked Alia where SRK is. He made her sing Jag Ghumeya. With his antics, Salman sang and danced on the tunes.

After that, Salman tested Alia’s knowledge by making her guess the movie’s names. Alia also did some funny commercials for his benefit. Salman again took a dig at SRK. Sallu made fun of Om Swami. Then, he made her pick between Ranbir, Varun, and Sidharth. She picked Sidharth.

Salman said that she has a special relation with Sidharth. Then, Alia chose Salman over SRK. Alia left, and Sallu returned to play a new game Thappad Se Darr Nahi Lagta. The host called Rohan Mehra, VJ Bani, Mona Lisa on the chair. The contestants were called one by one and were slapped with a big hand when they got three or more YES as comments from the rest of the contestants.

After a break, Salman returned and announced that one more contestant would be evicted. He announced the name of Lokesh Kumari Sharma. Hence, she got out. Salman comforted her saying she had a spark. While, Sallu told Karan that he wasted his time inside the house.

The Bigg Boss 10 20th November 2016 Day 35 Episode ended. Stay tuned for latest Bigg Boss news and updates.

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