Bigg Boss 10 Live Streaming Info for Mobile and YouTube: BB10 Grand Finale 29th January 2016

Bigg Boss Episode 1
Bigg Boss Episode 1

Watch Bigg boss 10 live streaming 13th January 2017: Bigg Boss season 10 has begun today and many of you must be wondering about the way to watch the today’s episode live streaming. After recent threats by government its not recommended to use the illegitimate ways of watching Bigg Boss 10 live streaming. We are today with 3 ways with which you can legally watch the streaming and that too completely free. Colors TV is not charging anything from the users when they watch the game from these special methods. You can directly watch the show from mobile or your computer.

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Watch Bigg Boss 10 on Jio TV

Jio TV is the latest and the best way of watching the show. The application features the show live and as well as recorded from realtime. If you miss even a second of the show, you can simply just tune into the application and start it from beginning. Just open the application anytime you want and go to the ‘Colors TV’ section and search for ‘Bigg Boss 10’ once you will be there just start watching the show there is nothing more to do, sorry to disappoint you.

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Watch Bigg Boss 10 Live Streaming

Watch Bigg Boss 10 on Colors TV YouTube Channel

Colors TV generally uploads every show of them on their YouTube channel after a day of streaming. Colors TV usually uploads the episode after a gap of 1 day. This may be big wait for many of the fans, but rather than watching it on shitty quality of pirated sites we always recommend you to watch through the legitimate ways. You can also save the episode in your mobile phone.


Watch Bigg Boss 10 on is sponsoring the biggest episodes to be streamed live. They are basically picking up the best of the episodes series of TV reality shows. Host of the website are really energetic and you will definitely enjoy watching it over there. But in this way as well you will need to suffer a bit because the company are not uploading the videos as they shooted.

Watch Bigg Boss 10 on Ditto TV

Living in United states of America and really don’t have any idea about watching the show ? Here is the solution, now the non resident Indians living in other countries around the world can also enjoy the episodes. The only limitation is you couldn’t not save the videos and download the content but still a good option and you will not be framed by any of the authority because its cent percent legal.

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