Bigg Boss 9 Day 10 Episode 10 21st October 2015: BB9 Watch Online Live Updates; Keith Complaint About Captain Jodi;


Bigg Boss 9 Day 10 Episode 10 21st October 2015: Yesterday came an interesting point when Big Boss announced another luxury budget task name Lagaan task. Just after the inception of the task, numerous fights came up between the jodis, especially, Keith-Mandana, Suyyash-Kishwer, and Vikas-Rochelle. Well, it has worsened the already complicated conditions. swaragini.

On 10th day of Big Boss season 9, it was the turn of Vikas and Yuvika to cook food as one only pair is allowed to stay or work at any particular location at a single point of time. Later in the day, Keith went to the confession room on the call of BB. BB motivated him to win the task, but also cautioned him that the workers contestants can win only if they are together. Dussehra sms.

Bigg Boss 9 Day 10 Episode 10 21st October 2015

Vikas and Yuvika talked about other fellow participants that some of them don’t work as much they should do. They said some of them don’t know cooking and how to do other works, but still they giggle over it. Dussehra pics.

While coming back from the confession room, Keith noticed them doing so and felt bad. As soon as he reached outside among the other housemates, he started complaining about those two and told them everything. Further, he added that instead of cooking fast, they were chatting in an AC room. (Kanche reviews.)

Let’s see how this goes? Will it divide the housemates into groups? Will it turn into another major fight?

Bigg Boss 9 Day 10 Episode 10 21st October 2015

In such a controversial show, fights and arguments take place in heavy quantity. But there comes rarely some person who accepts his mistakes and apologize for them.

Yesterday, Vikas and Rochelle got engaged into a verbal spat. Vikas stated that while everyone else was working for the task, she started eating into the kitchen. That’s why he got angry. On the other hand, Rochelle said that she has been accused without any valid reasons and denied all of his allegations.

Seeing the fight getting bigger today, he apologized to her eating his anger. Thus, he restricted the matter from getting any bigger. Maybe he has got a big heart. But, it would be interesting to know if she accepts his apology or not?

bigg boss 9 21 Oct 2015

Mandana is on fire and breaking rules one by one. She is famous for her hasty decisions which ultimately turned out against her. Moreover, she is mostly seen disagreeing with other mates. She even said that there is no problem in stealing in the game if it’s not mentioned in the rulebook. She considers her every decision to be correct and isn’t ready to adjust with others.

Upon witnessing everyone going against her, she dumped belt, mic, and other things and stormed out and broke more rules of the house. The members didn’t supported her anymore and felt that she was over reacting the situations.

At last, she felt alone. Then, big boss called her into the confession room where she expressed her feelings to more out of the house right at that moment. Will she move out? Will BB punish her for bad behavior? What will happen to the luxury budget?

Bigg Boss 9 Day 10 Episode 10 21st October 2015

With the course of the time, the pairs are turning into fighers and the Lagaan task has made it worse. Arvind has been made its moderator while Aman-Kishwer are the zamindaars. Rochelle looted during the task. Mandana approved her decision of stealing and listened to none. Aman and Kishwer won the task and are now free to roam without any belt tied.

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